Nordic Y-DNA - 4 July

Nordic Y-DNA Weekly News – 4 July 2018


This is Rebekah Canada with the Nordic Y-DNA Project. Here in the United States, we are celebrating our national independence day. In the Nordic Y-DNA Project, we are celebrating our 3099th member.

Project Statistics

Y-DNA12: 2914
Y-DNA25: 2767
Y-DNA37: 2734
Y-DNA67: 2043
Y-DNA111: 1154
Big Y: 976

Big Y – Yes or No?

During the most recent sale, I was asked by several people across my projects if the Big Y is worth getting. Thus, a few of you have heard my answer. Here it is for all of you. I have looked at Big Y compared to Y-STRs in surname studies and in haplogroup projects. For robust genealogy, I believe that Big Y type tests are the future of paternal line testing. Y-STR tests are going to be obsolete in the next two to three years. They simply cannot match NexGen resolution Y-SNP testing.

Right now, FamilyTreeDNA is still supporting Y-STR testing. It is not the way forward though. I strongly encourage all to upgrade to the Big Y as they can afford it.

Please remember to wait for a good sale price though!

Project Links

I have started updating our project’s Links page. Please let me know what Nordic genealogy related resources you think should be added.

Kind regards,
Rebekah A. Canada
Volunteer Administrator FamilyTreeDNA

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