Nordic Y-DNA Weekly News – 3 Aug 2018

This is Rebekah Canada from the Nordic Y-DNA project. I have been asked about where the project is going with the new subgrouping. I will write a little about that this week.

Project Statistics

Y-DNA12: 2940
Y-DNA25: 2793
Y-DNA37: 2761
Y-DNA67: 2066
Y-DNA111: 1176
Big Y: 984

Subgrouping Progress

The project has made it through the first phase of subgrouping updates. We have moved members to at least a country of origin. As the next step, we will move those with known origins in a Nordic country to a subgroup based on region or county within the country. This will place those who are most recently related based on DNA results and geography next to each other.

Once we have all possible in regional subgroups, we will begin analysis of the different regions and the frequencies of major Y-DNA haplogroups in each. This is then the first step toward being able to tell you which lineages have been in a location a long time and which ones have come recently in the last 2,000 years even if from another Nordic country.

I believe that there are three important things for us to learn about Nordic Y-DNA. They are:

  • Who came to Nordic countries and when?
  • Who left and where did they go?
  • Finally, what were the movements between the countries?

Y-DNA Haplogroup Projects

I would like to encourage all of you to join Y-DNA Haplogroup projects as well as geographic projects. Here is a list of available projects.

Best Regards,
Rebekah A. Canada
Unpaid Volunteer Project Administrator

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