New FamilyTreeDNA Block Tree for Big Y

FamilyTreeDNA sent this announcement out this morning to project administrators. They have added a new Block Tree for those with Big Y results. This is a little like the R1b Big Tree.

If you have Big Y results, please check it out, and post your thoughts in the comments or send FTDNA feedback.

Dear Group Project Administrators,

This email is to inform you of the release of the new Big Y Block Tree Matching Tool released today to anyone with a Big Y test!

As usual, thanks for your hard work and dedication to your Group Projects!

Big Y Block Tree Matching Tool

A new visualization tool for your Big Y matches called the Block Tree, which makes it easier to understand how the paternal lineages of you and your matches relate to each other. Please note, that more than five steps of matching will be displayed on the Block Tree. To read more about the new Big Y Block Tree, visit the Learning Center.

1 thought on “New FamilyTreeDNA Block Tree for Big Y”

  1. I just had a quick look, and for me, this view is fantastic. I’ve been looking at the new branch R-BY42459 made by my two Smouts, several Smoots and a Bryant, trying to visualise how the new downstream markers R-BY40367 and R-BY108435 would fit in. I can clearly see now, how my paternal Smout and two Smoots remain on R-BY40367, while R-BY108435 branches off, carrying my maternal Smout, one Smoot and a Bryant. I love the new visual representation.

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