Use the MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

MyHeritage has added a chromosome browser to their autosomal DNA matches tool set.

The MyHeritage Chromosome Browser is a simple yet elegant browser that allows you to quickly see the DNA you share with each match.

Before starting this tutorial, you should have an account with DNA results at MyHeritage.

MyHeritage Chromosome Browser Tutorial

Step 1: Log in to MyHeritage

Go the MyHeritage website. Log in by entering your registered email address and your password, and then click on the Log in button.


Step 2: DNA Matches Page

Once you are logged in to MyHeritage, select DNA Matches from the DNA menu at the top of the screen.

MyHeritage DNA Matches

Step 3: Select a match

The top of the DNA Matches page will have each DNA profile that you have tested or uploaded. MyHeritage outlines the one you have selected in purple while the others are outlined in grey.

MyHeritage DNA Profile Selection
MyHeritage DNA Profile Selection

Step 4: Review DNA Match

Select a profile and scroll down the page past the profiles to view matches. View the details for one of them by clicking on the purple Review DNA Match button on the right.

MyHeritage Matches
MyHeritage Matches

Step 5: MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

This loads the Match Details page. Scroll down until you reach the Chromosome Browser – Shared DNA Segments section.

MyHeritage Chromosome Browser
MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

Step 6: View Segment Details

To view segment details, click on any segment in the chromosome browser. This loads the chromosome, the start and stop positions, the first and last RSID (the names of the SNP variants), the size of the segment, and the number of SNPs compared.

MyHeritage Chromosome Browser Segment Details
MyHeritage Chromosome Browser Segment Details

Step 7: Download Segment Information

You can also download the segment information for your match by clicking on the Advanced options menu then selecting the Download shared DNA info option.

MyHeritage Chromosome Browser Download Segment Information
MyHeritage Chromosome Browser Download Segment Information

MyHeritage Chromosome Browser – Sources & Resources

The following tutorials exist or are planned for the myHeritage website.

MyHeritage Chromosome Browser – Questions & Answers

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