myFamilyTree 2.0 Beta Release

On January 10, 2019, FamilyTreeDNA sent out the following announcement to project admins. Thus, I presume many of you have access to the new Beta genealogy tree at FamilyTreeDNA. I would love to hear what you think of it, so please comment if you have access and have looked at it below.

Is it a replacement for WikiTree? Is it easier to use than the old trees? Does it load any faster?

Dear Group Project Administrators,This email is to inform you of the myFamilyTree 2.0 Beta that was released today to a select group of users that meet a specific set of criteria. Depending on whether you met these criteria, you as well as group project members may have been those chosen to participate. Below you will find additional details. We do not expect you to answer questions regarding this beta version. Please refer customers to the email they received from us for questions.

So What’s New?
Onboarding Wizard – For people who don’t have a tree yet, the system will automatically detect this and walk the user through every step of creating a tree. The wizard is the center of the product; however, if you already have a tree, you will be able to upload a GEDCOM and import your existing tree.

Intersecting Lines – Using the new cutting-edge graph database (GDB) computing system, the new trees will be more intuitive, fluid, functional, and fun! Irritations with issues like the inability to add the same person to a tree more than once should vanish. Also, site errors and multiple empty trees should be a thing of the past.

Optimized Loading – Everything should load faster and smoother. In addition, the tree will be more intuitive. You will know exactly what you’re looking at and the meaning behind it.
Exporting GEDCOMs (not implemented in the current beta, but expected in the next month) – For the first time, and based on customer demand, all FTDNA customers will now be able to export GEDCOM files. You can save a copy of it for yourself to use however you wish!


What happens to my old tree?
The new system will automatically incorporate your old tree once this upgrade is fully released to all customers. Anything on your tree, including linked relationships, photos, notes, ancestral details, and delicate family connections will be there.

When does this take effect?
The limited release went live today. We look to gradually increase the number of people with access to the beta tree over the coming weeks. Everyone will get to use it very soon as we incorporate additional features and gain feedback for improvements.​

Will there be updates in the future?
We do everything we can to ensure that you have access to the newest technologies and easiest platform. Our development teams will continue to work to give the best product available.

How do I access myFamilyTree 2.0 Beta?
If your kit is a part of this first Beta release, you’ll see 2 versions of your tree to select from on your main Dashboard page. Both versions will be visible and clickable. The new myFamilyTree 2.0 Beta tool is intended to assist in software development and is not yet fully tested or supported. This beta tool is independent of the existing myFamilyTree tool, and any changes made to one will not appear on the non beta version.

In addition, please be aware that any data entered using the myFamilyTree Beta tool will not be saved once beta testing is complete and data may be lost due to version updates during beta testing.

Giving Feedback

People who are given access to myFamilyTree 2.0 Beta, will also be given access to a survey where we will collect evaluations of the beta product.

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