mtDNA H & HV Project News 6/8/18

mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 8 June 2018


This is Rebekah Canada from the H & HV mtDNA Project. For those who don’t know me, I have included a short biography below. I checked in on the project late last month and soon realized that there were over 5,000 people un-grouped in the project. As Robert A. Heinlein said, the roads must roll. Thus, I am back for a little bit at least.

As of today, all project members are now in mtDNA subgroups. I am working to update the names of subgroups to be more useful. When I am done, they will include the path from HV to the branch, the defining variants (mutations), and the age of the branch if it is available.

Project Status

Today, there are:
Total Members 11,917
mtDNA Tested Members 11,484
mtDNA Full Sequence Tested Members 6,937

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As many of you know, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law went into effect on May 24th. This law asks all online sites to do more to protect user’s privacy and to be more transparent about data sharing. This has raised the bar not just in Europe but around the world. I see that as a good thing for everyone.

However, as part of that, I need a few things from all of you. The first is to sign up for the frequency of newsletter you would like from the project. This current list I am using is temporary. Options are weekly, monthly, and none at all (just don’t sign up).

Please sign up here.

NEW Administrator Access Levels

FamilyTreeDNA has three new levels of access to project member’s accounts for project administrators. There had been four, and they have reduced that number. The ideal level of sharing is now “Grant Limited Access”, but for the mtDNA H & HV project, I am able to work with “Group Project Access Only”.

The most important thing you can do for me is make sure you have set your mtDNA coding region results so that I can view them.

I have posted instructions on how to set up your account for most DNA projects here.

The Project Activity Feed

This is the best place to get your questions about mtDNA H & HV results answered. I will be checking in once a day, and there are many other people there to help. Please join us.

Code of Conduct

The Project just adopted its first Code of Conduct. It is, of course, meant for within the project. You can read it here.

Project Recruitment

I welcome all of you to invite your mtDNA matches to join the project. Before you do that though, please note two points that I have found useful over the years.

  • Only reach out to one person at a time. CCing 50 matches on one email often leads to angry responses.
  • Be sure to explain to each person that you are contacting them because they are an mtDNA match, and let them know the name on your kit.

The Father’s Day Sale

Most Y-DNA Products and Family Finder are on sale for Father’s Day. Family Finder is $59 US on sale until the 18th. Unfortunately, mtDNA upgrades are not on sale. I do recommend that all take the Family Finder test. You can read sale details here.

My Background

I ordered my first DNA test through FamilyTreeDNA in 2005 and my second one for my brother soon after. With more questions than answers from my vanilla mtDNA H results, I started the mtDNA H Project in early 2006. I assure you, it was an accident. I am an extremely shy and retiring introvert. I seldom attend genealogy conferences. When I do my main goals are to learn as much as possible and to socialize as little as possible.

Becoming the administrator of major research project was not in my plans. None the less, the project quickly grew, and I frantically read scientific papers and genetics text books to learn. Eventually, I did not feel like a complete idiot when asked questions, and the project grew enough that answers to questions became clearer. The mtDNA H Project became the mtDNA H & HV Project.

Mind you, every time someone points to me as the expert, I still want to run and hide. I am not special, I just don’t consider I don’t know an acceptable final answer to anything. Ever.

After working on the launch of the National Geographic’s Genographic Project’s Geno 2.0 initiative in 2011 and 2012, I retired from mtDNA for a bit. That has not been a retirement from genetic genealogy, and I have been building out the website for the last two years. If you follow the Finding Your Roots television show, I am the Rebekah Canada who is from time to time in the credits along with other genetic genealogy community members who are all much cooler than I am.

Finding Your Roots Season 4 Episode 1
Credit: Finding Your Roots Season 4 Episode 1

I remain a veteran group administrator who specializes in mitochondrial DNA, but who also works with various Y-DNA groups. I especially study mtDNA and Y-DNA involving minority admixture alongside Native American haplogroups.

Best regards,
Rebekah A. Canada ( and – Volunteer Project Administrator @ FamilyTreeDNA – Finding your past through your genes.

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