Y-DNA Trees and How They Grow

mtDNA H & HV Project – Weekly Update 10 Oct 2018

Good afternoon,

It is a thrilling day to be working with mtDNA for personal ancestry and genealogy. FamilyTreeDNA has just released their new public mtDNA tree.

Project Stats

mtDNA 11846
mtDNA Plus 9572
mtDNA Full Sequence 7313

FTDNA Forums Update

FamilyTreeDNA recently updated their forums software. If you have not visited recently, you may need to login again.

FamilyTreeDNA mtDNA Tree

FamilyTreeDNA has launched their new mtDNA tree. This is most welcome news after the disappointing closure of mtDNA Community earlier this year.

Please join us in the project activity feed or in the mtDNA Haplogroup Exploration group on FaceBook for help using it.

Rebekah A. Canada
Volunteer Administrator, FamilyTreeDNA
Author, Haplogroup

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