Mahican BIG Y Testing

///Mahican BIG Y Testing

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Mahican BIG Y Testing

The project has the opportunity to BIG Y test the descendant of Toanunck who was a Mahican from the Egremont, Berkshire County, Massachusetts area before he changed his name to Jacob Van Gilder. His descendants moved to what is now West Virginia. To do this during the current SALE at Family Tree DNA would cost the project $450.

If you are willing to help fund this effort follow these instructions.

How to Donate

  1. Go to the Family Tree DNA Donation page.
  2. Select Q from the first menu.
  3. Select Q-M242 Y-DNA from the second menu.
  4. Enter the Donation Amount and select the Donation Type.
  5. Enter the Donor Name.
  6. Enter a Note with Van Gilder in the text.
  7. Click the yellow PayPal button.
  8. Follow instructions on the PayPal page to complete the donation.
  9. Send me a message with additional instructions on how you would like funds spent if needed.



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