///In Reply to a Family Tree DNA Administrator Asking for Advanced Access

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In Reply to a Family Tree DNA Administrator Asking for Advanced Access

This morning, I got a bulk email from FTDNA about admin access.

Title: Message from Dahl:Administrator Access

Dahl DNA project members,

Please log into your kits at FamilyTreeDNA.com and grant your administrators Advanced Access, so we can do more for you.
Advanced Access is approximately what we had prior to May 24 of this year when FTDNA tried to comply with the EU's new Act.

To grant better Access, log in then
click on Manage Personal Information
then click on the Project Preferences tab then
for the Braswell project, click Edit then
under Access select Advanced then
click then scroll to the bottom and click the green Accept button
followed by the green Confirm button and the green OK button.

James W. Green III

No. Advanced Access is not approximately what project administrators had prior to May 24, 2018. No, I am not granting Advanced access.

This is what the settings are.

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