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If there is a “Slippery Slope” it began a long time ago by Martin Hendrix

The following was written by Martin Hendrix one of the administrators of the Hendricks DNA Project. He asks what the difference is between the FBI or other Law Enforcement agencies asking for the right to be paying customers in a commercial genetic matching database and the other non-genealogy uses of commercial databases.

What is the difference? – POW/MIA

Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency works to bring home our missing service members.

In 2006, I learned about DYS392 = 10.2. In looking for instances at YHRD.org of this marker, I found that the National Identification Lab identified and reported the occurrence. I then sent an email to the lab, suggesting that this is a very rare allele. Their reply was “We are not interested in genealogy!” Really?

“From Osan Air Base, the remains will be transferred to the Hawaii-based Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, where painstaking forensic work will be carried out to identify them. Remains that were returned in the past from North Korea were found to be mixed with those of unidentified individuals and even with animal bones.”

How will the remains be identified without using genealogy and the DNA resources found on-line?

What is the difference? – Adoption Search

The adoptee can’t find their birth parents without taking DNA tests. And these business entities can’t analyze the “Match Lists” without accessing their account. Neither of these business entities (or others) can find the birth parents without the use of the on-line resources and the lineages associated with the DNA results. At birth and adoption, the records may have been sealed. Do these business entities obtain the court’s permission before identifying the birth parents?

What is the difference? – Rape Kits

  • End the Backlog works to get the thousands of unprocessed rape forensic collection kits tested.

Once the kits are tested, how will the perpetrator be identified without the use of on-line resources?

What is the difference? – Unknown Person Searches

  • Detectives investigate skeletal remains found in Calabasas
  • Human skeletal remains found in New Braunfels
  • Skeletal remains found in Howell Woods
  • Skeletal remains found in Jackson Woods
  • Skeletal remains found in Bayfield County
  • Human skeletal remains found in woods in Bethpage

How will the Medical Examiner connect the DNA from the skeletal remains to a particular individual and/or family without the use of on-line resources?

Is it bad that DNA results are being used to identify a dead service member?

Is it bad that DNA results are being used to identify the birth parents of an adoptee?

Is it bad that DNA result are being used to identify the skeletal remains of an unknown person?

Is it bad that the FBI or other law enforcement agencies are sending DNA samples to a business that is engaged in DNA testing?

If it is bad that a DNA testing company is testing DNA samples for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, and treating the results like any other person that have been tested by the same company, why aren’t the other uses of these same on-line resources bad?

Martin Hendrix

Hendricks DNA Project

2 thoughts on “If there is a “Slippery Slope” it began a long time ago by Martin Hendrix”

  1. Martin,

    I agree. I believe they are reacting emotionally and not logically. Sadly, this seems the current fashion especially in politics.

    Years ago, I used to volunteer my time looking for lost people. I quit search and rescue because of too many body recoveries, especially of children. Later, as a special favor to find a loved one of a friend, I started up again. Our team eventually recovered his body and four illegal immigrant remains lost in the southern Arizona desert. Over the next couple of years I helped recover more than 150 more remains. The last one I did was after finding a freshly dead 6-8 year old male illegal who had been abandoned by his coyote human traffickers and the adults with them. I could not do any more.

    Arizona back a few years ago had more than 2500 remains of mostly illegal immigrants un-identified remains. There is no doubt in my mind than hundreds if not thousands still lie unaccounted for. Arizona does not have the money, resources or volunteers to resolve and give a name.

    When I was in the military more than 40 years ago, a friend of mine was shot down by the Soviets in one of those cold war shoot downs. It was listed as accidental training loss, not shockingly, reported far from the actual location of loss. Neither he nor any other members of that aircraft were recovered.

    During World War II during the battle of Tarawa many of the dead were quickly buried with the intention of recovering the remains later. Sadly another non-combat construction unit at the end of or just after the battle received orders to level certain areas in preparation for building an airfield. Some 500 American Marine remains were thus lost and declared unrecoverable. In time many groups offered to search for those remains but the US Defense Department refused them and told the local government to refuse their offers also.

    Attitude is one of those things that makes a big difference.

    History Flight made mostly of veterans bypassed the US DEFDEPT and donated money to the local government to be allowed to search for American remains. In 2015, 35 sets of remains were found. In 2016, a dozen more. And 2017 another 24 remains were found. Only after the remains, which included a Medal of Honor winner, were recovered did the US DEFDEPT retroactively approve. http://historyflight.com/nw/

    Without the access to those willing and able to hunt for familial DNA, most of those remains will never be identified and their families given closure.

    You ask, What is the difference? I say there is no difference.


    John R. Carpenter
    La Mesa, CA USA
    Carpenter Cousins Project – Our main support page!

  2. Nancy Chapman Crayton

    Thank you. For all of us who have lost relatives in wars and would like to know what became of them. I think a lot of people assume that if there aren’t any living close relatives, it doesn’t matter. It does. Thank you.

    Nancy Crayton

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