HOWTOs are guides to using company websites, 3rd party tool sites, and educational materials that extend the genetic genealogists toolbox. – Rebekah

Order a Y-DNA SNP Pack

Order a Y-DNA SNP Pack

These instructions are for ordering one of the new FTDNA SNP Packs if you are already an FTDNA customer. Note that SNP Packs are for males, as they test that handy Y-Chromosome that only men have.* 1) Login to your FTDNA account. 2) Click on the blue upgrade button ... Read More
The PayPal Website

Pay a PayPal Money Request

The last tutorial explained how to request money from someone using PayPal. This tutorial shows how to pay a PayPal Money Request ... Read More
GEDMatch Logo

Upload a file to GEDMatch

Once yoOnce you have created a GEDMatch account, you can upload one or more autosomal DNA files. This will allow you to match against the GEDMatch database and use GEDMatch's tools ... Read More
Upload a file to GenePlaza

Upload a file to GenePlaza

This tutorial walks you through uploading either a 23andMe or an DNA file to the GenePlaza website. Before you start, you should have a GenePlaza account and have downloaded either your DNA file or your 23andMe file ... Read More
GEDMatch Logo

Upload a GEDCOM File to GEDMatch

GEDMatch has the ability to link family trees and has several useful tools to compare trees between matches. Once you have your GEDMatch account set up and autosomal data files added, the next step is adding a tree. To add your tree to GEDMatch, you upload a GEDCOM file ... Read More
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Use GEDMatch ‘One-to-many’ matches

The GEDMatch 'One-to-many' matches page shows who you match in the GEDMatch database and the amount of autosomal DNA and X-chromosome DNA you share with them ... Read More
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Use GEDMatch ‘One-to-one’ comparisons

The GEDMatch ‘One-to-one' compare page allows you to compare your results to one other person in the GEDMatch database. Before starting this tutorial, you should have a GEDMatch account and have uploaded a DNA data file. Step 1 Go to the GEDMatch website. Login to your account by entering your ... Read More
The FTDNA Website

Use the FTDNA-GAP Download Page

The Download Files page of the FTDNA-GAP allows you to download copies of many of the GAP pages as either CSV or XML files. Both formats can be opened in Excel. CSV format can also be opened by Google Spreadsheets and other opensource spreadsheet programs ... Read More
MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

Use the MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

MyHeritage has added a chromosome browser to their autosomal DNA matches tool set. The MyHeritage Chromosome Browser is a simple yet elegant browser that allows you to quickly see the DNA you share with each match ... Read More
Using Goran Runfeldt’s Family Finder Segment Triangulator Chrome Extension

Using Goran Runfeldt’s Family Finder Segment Triangulator Chrome Extension

This is the second tutorial on Goran Runfeldt’s Family Finder Segment Triangulator Chrome Extension. It is a walk-through of the basics of using the tool on the FamilyTreeDNA website ... Read More

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  1. Loved your HOWTOs page and suggest you add a series of screen dumps on how to JOIN A PROJECT in FTDNA. I found it difficult to join but easy once they are on your home page. Also remember to reference readers to the PRIVACY SETTINGS article, as project admin needs to access the data.

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