HOWTOs are guides to using company websites, 3rd party tool sites, and educational materials that extend the genetic genealogists toolbox. – Rebekah

Chromosome Mapper by Kitty Cooper – First Look

Chromosome Mapper by Kitty Cooper – First Look

Kitty Cooper has launched her Chromosome Mapper tool page. This useful tool allows you to color code DNA segments you share with cousins once you have determined your common ancestor. This post covers the basics of using it ... Read More
GEDMatch Logo

Create a GEDMatch Account

GEDMatch is a 3rd party tool site for autosomal DNA. It allows matching between multiple DNA testing companies. It also has tools that are not found elsewhere ... Read More

Create a Gencove Account

Gencove is a DNA testing service created by Tomaz Berisa, Kaja Wasik, and Joe Pickrell. You can join either by uploading your autosomal DNA results from another testing company (FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, GenesforGood) or by ordering a DNA test from Gencove ... Read More
Create a GenePlaza account

Create a GenePlaza account

GenePlaza is another microarray upload site. Each of its tools is available as an individual app ... Read More
23andMe mtDNA Results download 1

Download 23andMe Results

Many 3rd party utilities need you to download your results from 23andMe to use them ... Read More
23andMe Extract file 1

Extracting 23andMe Files

23andMe raw data files are downloaded in the ZIP format. This is how you extract them for use by some 3rd party sites like James Lick's mtDNA page ... Read More
Project Privacy Settings Quick Start Guide

FTDNA Project Member Privacy Settings – Quick Start Guide

This is a quick guide to adjusting your privacy settings for project participation at FamilyTreeDNA. I, personally, take my privacy extremely seriously, and I hope your own seriously too ... Read More

FTDNA Settings – Sharing mtDNA Coding Region Results with Group Administrators

FamilyTreeDNA allows you to set if you wish to share your mtDNA Coding Region results with group project administrators. You set it per project. To share, follow these steps ... Read More
The PayPal Website

How to request money via PayPal

One sometimes needs to request money from others in the genetic genealogy community. This is simple, as long as you have a PayPal account ... Read More
Installing Goran Runfeldt's Family Finder Segment Triangulator Chrome Extension

Installing Goran Runfeldt’s Family Finder Segment Triangulator Chrome Extension

Goran Runfeldt's Family Finder Segment Triangulator is a tool that shows you additional information about your Family Finder (Autosomal DNA) matches and segments they share at FamilyTreeDNA ... Read More

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  1. Loved your HOWTOs page and suggest you add a series of screen dumps on how to JOIN A PROJECT in FTDNA. I found it difficult to join but easy once they are on your home page. Also remember to reference readers to the PRIVACY SETTINGS article, as project admin needs to access the data.

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