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Genetic Genealogy & The Lighthouse

The first part of my website updates began a little over a year ago when I changed web hosting providers. I was being pounded by traffic. Ordinarily, bloggers love visitors to their sites, but this was different. Much of it was coming from India, and I was pretty sure that it was not from real people.

Now, the bot traffic takeover of the internet is a known thing. Innocent search bots (Google type), hacker bots, bots for web scraping, and even plain old traffic generating bots are a good percentage of total web traffic. Why my site though? Why me?

It was causing me problems and costing me money. I moved hosting providers. Top criteria was server capacity and speed. My humble blog found itself on first a premium WordPress hosting platform and then on a dedicated server.

Of course, it was not enough. Hardware cannot fix all of the problems of speed and function on the web. After attempting to work through issues with other tools, I came to Google’s new Lighthouse test. It is their replacement for their old Page Speed test. It leaves other tools like Pingdom and GTMetrix in the dust.

It is much harder to score well with. At some points I thought impossible.

However, criteria added to it are already becoming part of the ranking metrics for Google page search. That means that if you want your web pages found by users in the Western world, you should follow the advice it gives you now.

How is it different? Well, rather than test you on how well your page loads on the browser of your choice, it simulates a smart phone (Nexus 5X) on a throttled 4G connection. This completely throws many of the standard fixes out the window.

Haplogroup.org Lighthouse report
Example: Lighthouse report

You are graded on performance (speed), accessibility (for screen readers etc.), best practices (security issues), SEO (search engine friendliness), and Progressive Web App qualification.

Below are scores for the active blogs in genetic genealogy.

BlogMain AuthorURLAlexa ScorePerformanceAccessibiityBest PracticesSEOPWA
All My ForeparentsIsrael Pickholtzhttp://allmyforeparents.blogspot.com/1171249996667191No
Annette Kapple’s genealogy research blogAnnette Kapplehttp://annettekapple.blogspot.com/1114493297637991No
Bernard Secher’s blog (in French)Bernard Secherhttp://secher.bernard.free.fr/blog/83906131867167No
Counting ChromosomesEdison Williamshttps://casestone.com/threlkeld/blog5637190No
Cruwys NewsDebbie Kennetthttps://cruwys.blogspot.com/276460088438691No
Data mining DNAhttp://dataminingdna.com/411007989No
Deb’s Delvings in GenealogyDebbie Parker Waynehttp://debsdelvings.blogspot.com/549309594787991No
Dienekes’ Anthropology BlogDienekeshttp://dienekes.blogspot.com/181589299657191No
DNA and Family Tree ResearchMaurice Gleesonhttp://dnaandfamilytreeresearch.blogspot.com/309944197657191No
DNA GenealogyJason Leehttps://dnagenealogy.tumblr.com/4955492233464100No
DNA SleuthAnn Raymonthttps://dnasleuth.wordpress.com/5735648348079100No
DNA Testing AdvisorDick Hillhttps://www.dna-testing-adviser.com/dna-testing-blog.html1508945774979100No
Dr D Digs Up His AncestorsDave Dowellhttp://blog.ddowell.com/1855997399657991No
EntregenDidier Vernadehttp://entregen.org/4955492126164100No
Evo and ProudPeter Frosthttp://evoandproud.blogspot.com/328488898637991No
Find lost Russian and Ukrainian FamilyVera Millerhttps://lostrussianfamily.wordpress.com/431037416766490No
Gene Gest An English-language blogEryk Jan Grzeszkowiakhttp://www.genegest.com/43717990No
Genealem’s Genetic GenealogyEmily Aulicinohttp://genealem-geneticgenealogy.blogspot.com/95787991No
Genealogia genetyczna (in Polish)Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiakhttp://www.genealogiagenetyczna.com/578915914565791No
GenGenAusCate Pearcehttps://gengenaus.com/480536355579380No
Genomics Law Reporthttps://theprivacyreport.com/8923423475879100No
HaplogroupRebekah Canadahttps://haplogroup.org677129895100100Yes
Hartley DNA and GenealogyJoel Hartleyhttp://www.jmhartley.com/HBlog/549112321857990No
Kitty Cooper’s blogKitty Cooperhttp://blog.kittycooper.com/28538129555070No
Le Gall of Lower BritannyJoss Ar Gallhttps://legall-bzh.blogspot.com/975393100No
Michael Cooley’s Genetic Genealogy blogMichael Cooleyhttp://blog.ancestraldata.com/1403082891376467No
On-line Journal of Genetics and GenealogySteven Perkinshttp://jgg-online.blogspot.com/59597191No
Radiant Roots, Boricua BranchesTeresa Vegahttp://radiantrootsboricuabranches.com/75136453436480No
Roots and Recombinant DNAT L Dixonhttp://www.rootsandrecombinantdna.com/318465791627191No
Segmentology blogJim Bartletthttps://segmentology.org/335003085639380No
The DNA GeekLeah Larkinhttps://thednageek.com/53811026577191No
The Enthusiastic GenealogistDana Leedshttp://theenthusiasticgenealogist.blogspot.com/785570537576482No
The Genetic GenealogistBlaine Bettingerhttps://thegeneticgenealogist.com/archives/49180734545091No
The Legal GenealogistJudy Russellhttps://www.legalgenealogist.com/blog/102795453518691No
The Lineal ArboretumJim Owstonhttp://linealarboretum.blogspot.com/96667991No
The Ultimate Family HistoriansLinda Jonashttp://ultimatefamilyhistorians.blogspot.com/1105142392737991No
Through the TreesShannon Christmashttp://throughthetreesblog.tumblr.com/185650100No
Tracing African Rootshttps://tracingafricanroots.com/8430673206071100No
Your Genetic Genealogist A genetic genealogy blogCeCe Moorehttp://www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/368966391587191No

7 thoughts on “Genetic Genealogy & The Lighthouse”

  1. Interesting. It looks OK on my version of Firefox, but I am limited to the Chrome Book version right now.

    I could hit you with the tech support classic, clear your cache and try again. 🙂

  2. Very Interesting!

    I checked the Irish Type III site:- http://www.irishtype3dna.org/ and the report is as follows:-
    Performance 100
    Accessibility 79
    Best Practices 64
    SEO 70

    Seems to line up quite well with the other DNA sites, with performance 100 probably as the site is hand-coded in HTML and CSS and great that it shows areas where the site can be improved in accessibility, best practices and SEO. Well worth running on any website.

    Dennis Wright

    1. Note, that the tool is by no means exhaustive. I have spent the evening working on ‘security headers’ issues. Some of the tools I am using say I am good to go. Others say my rules are much too lax. Somewhere in there is balance. 🙂

      At least it takes my mind off of overdue Big Y results.

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