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Hg ID: Hap5020431, GenBank ID: KC346008.1


Phylotree BLD 16: L0d2a1a1, Phylotree BLD 17: , YFull: L0d2a1a1*


Published in: Barbieri et al., 2013b | Barbieri, C., Vicente, M., Rocha, J., Mpoloka, S.W., Stoneking, M. and Pakendorf, B. (2013). Ancient Substructure in Early mtDNA Lineages of Southern Africa. American journal of human genetics, 92(2), 285-292.

Our major finding is the definition of two ancient sublineages of L0k (L0k1b and L0k2) that are present almost exclusively in Bantu-speaking populations from Zambia; the presence of such relic haplogroups in Bantu speakers is most probably due to contact with ancestral pre-Bantu populations that harbored different lineages than those found in extant Khoisan. We suggest that although these populations went extinct after the immigration of the Bantu-speaking populations, some traces of their haplogroup composition survived through incorporation into the gene pool of the immigrants. Our findings thus provide evidence for deep genetic substructure in southern Africa prior to the Bantu expansion that is not represented in extant Khoisan populations.

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Origin: Botswana

Publication Notes: BOT6_023

Results Profile

RSRS Haplotype:

198, 263, 309.1C, 315.1C, 498d, 523-524d, 597, 1048, 1147N, 1151N, 1173N, 1438, 2072, 3335N, 3516A, 3756, 3981, 4025, 4044, 4225, 4232, 5153, 5442, 6185, 6815, 7154, 8113A, 8152, 8251, 8392, 8545, 9042, 9347, 9755, 10589, 11854, 12007, 12121, 12172, 12234, 12720, 12810, 14221, 15466, 15766, 15930, 15941, 16212, 16243, 16278, 16294, 16390

rCRS Haplotype:

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FASTA Profile:

Phylotree Build 17 Analysis

Missing Variants: none

Additional Variants: L0d2a1a1:309.1C, 315.1C, 523-524d, 1147N, 1151N, 1173N, 3335N, 16294

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