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GDPR & The Genealogy Blogger in 2019 – Moving to HTTPS

It is surprising and somewhat shocking to me that anyone today has a website or blog that is not HTTPS. Changing over is easy. It is quick. It is free. It helps with your site SEO. That is, search engines rank sites with HTTPS higher than those without. That over time means more readers.

It makes the web a little more secure. That is a herd-safety thing like vaccinations for yourself, your children, and your pets. It makes you safer. By your doing the right thing though, you also make everyone else a little safer.

Doing it for GDPR compliance is the very least of the reasons to change to HTTPS. Mostly, the reasons come down to human decency.

HTTPS & Blogger sites

This is really easy. Follow these instructions. Really. That was it.

HTTPS & Tumblr sites

Changing your Tumblr blog over to HTTPS is also simple. Here are instructions. You might run into mixed-content problems if you have an incompatible theme. If you do, then it is time to freshen up your blog with a new theme.

HTTPS & Everyone else

For the rest of the world, Cloudflare has made it really easy to change over to a secure site. Most bloggers are fine with their free plan. Follow the instructions here. You want at least the FULL level to protect your readers from Man In The Middle attacks. You might have to contact Cloudflare customer service for help with that. They are familiar with most of the major hosting companies.

As an added perk, Cloudflare will make your site load faster for most users.

Forcing HTTPS in WordPress

If you are a WordPress user, you may need to change internal links to content like pictures and other blog posts to HTTPS. Doing this prevents many mixed-content warnings. You can do that easily with a plugin like Velvet Blues Update URLs.

Other Options

Your site hosting provider may offer other options. Some of them may be free. It is worth contacting them and asking.

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