////Funding two BIG Ys

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Funding two BIG Ys

The project is currently working to fund two BIG Ys.

The first kit is N58043 Ahmed Siddiqui. His known origins trace to the city of Varanasi in India. This is in a region to the far north of India. His results suggest that he is very close to the root of the Q3-M378 branch of the tree. Thus, understanding his placement on the Q Tree will help us understand the geographic origin of the Q3-M378 branch.

The second is kit 638638 Dagalaev. His results place him very close to a project member who is a Selkup on an emerging branch under Q2-YP4004, Q2-YP4000.

Please specify when donating these kit numbers, and their names so we can track the donation.

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