////Fund Raising for Five South American Big Ys

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Fund Raising for Five South American Big Ys

The project has started raising funds to BIG Y test men from Native Americas lineages in South-Central and South America this winter and in 2018. We would like to offer FREE BIG Y tests to qualified men. To do this, we need your help.

Right now, we have five candidates for testing. Two are Q-Z780 kits:

  • 4583, Aguilar from Peru
  • N118179, Delgado from Bolivia

Three are Q-M3 branch kits:

  • 219193, Castillo from Peru
  • 519498, Cuevas from Chile
  • 499321, Rivera from Puerto Rico

We estimate that at current sale prices the total cost of testing will be $2,125 for these five kits. This may sound like a large amount, but if we all put in a little we can do it.

These tests are important, because they will help us further explore the early migrations of Native Americas lineages from the far north of North America, across Central America, and into South America. Most Big Y tested samples are from North and Central America. This bias not only misses potential branches in the tree but shifts the date calculations more toward the age of Northern branches and not the age of all Native Branches.

Please use the button to donate. When you fill out the form, please put Q-M242 project for South American Big Ys. in the notes field.

Many Thanks!

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