///FTDNA UPDATE: Important Updates Released Today

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FTDNA UPDATE: Important Updates Released Today

Family Tree DNA sent the following update to project administrators.

Dear Group Project Administrators:

We ask that you carefully read this email as it concerns important updates in regards to our policies.

Deadline Extended

As a result of the below updates, we have extended the deadline to accept the Group Project Administrator Terms and Policies to October 14, 2018.

After October 14th, we will begin the process of auditing all projects and removing administrators who have not agreed to the Group Project Administrator Terms and Policies. Once this audit is complete, we will begin working to find new administrators for all projects without administrators, including projects that are currently orphaned. We will only close projects that do not have members or if we believe said projects might be better served by merging it with a similar project that has active administration.


Group Project Administrator Terms & Policies

The following updates were made to the Group Project Administrator Terms & Policies:
Section 1.C.ii: Updated language regarding advice on additional testing
Section 3.A: Clarified language about collecting data from members
Section 4.A: Clarified language about access to Group Administrator Pages
Section 6.A: Clarified language about Security and Privacy requirements including compliance with GDPR and local laws
Section 7: Updated Administrator Access Levels descriptions
Section 8.A.ii: Clarified “pseudonymization”
Section 8.A.v: Clarified language regarding use of project to promote commercial interests
Section 8.B.i: Clarified language regarding sharing of member information
Section 11: Clarified language regarding communication
Section 14: Clarified language regarding notification of modifications
Indemnity section was removed in a previous version

Read here.

Terms of Service

The following updates were made to our Terms of Service:
Section 4.B & C: Added provisions regarding tester’s age to use service with or without parental supervision
Section 6.1.11: Removed prohibition of Services being used outside the country to which the test kit was shipped
Sections 8 & 17: Indemnity wording relaxed

Read here.

Privacy Statement

The following updates were made to our Privacy Statement:
Section 3.A.iv: Pseudonymization explained more specifically
Section 7.F: Leaving a Group Project and information removal clarified
Group Project Participation Terms
The following updates were made to the Group Project Participation Terms:
Section 4: Sharing options updated to include automatic opt in to public sharing portions of pseudonymized results
Section 5: Clarified Administrator Access wording

Read here.

Opt in to Sharing in Group Projects

Going forward, when a user joins a Group Project for the first time and agrees to the Group Project Participation Terms, they will also be opting in to sharing their pseudonymized DNA results and ancestor information on the public results pages of the Group Project. Once the user has joined the Group Project, they will have the option to change this setting on their Privacy & Sharing page located in their Account Settings.

Consent to Process DNA Forms

Please note we have changed the green form that is placed inside kits. This form, previously a consent form for matching, is now a consent form to process the DNA collected. In order to process the sample, this form must be filled out completely, along with the birth date of the tester. We do not accept DNA samples of testers under the age of 13. Testers between the ages 13 and 18 may not use the services without permission from a guardian. Failure to complete the form properly will result in delays as the lab will not be able to process the sample without the proper documentation.

Other Reminders & Updates

Notifications in GAP

If you have signed in to GAP recently, you will probably have noticed that the Groups Team is working to keep the GAP News and Release Notes updated regularly. Coding updates are generally pushed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and if there are any release notes that apply to Group Project Administrators or to Project Members, we will try to have them up for you by the end of the next day unless we are at an event.

Also, in GAP under the Resources tab on the nav bar at the top of the page, there is a “Known Issues” link that we are updating, as time permits, with bugs and glitches that have been reported to IT and noting when they are resolved.

Forums Update

The Forums are temporarily down for maintenance. They will be back online by the end of the month. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Projects Hosted Outside FamilyTreeDNA

If you have a Group Project website hosted anywhere other than FamilyTreeDNA.com, please make sure that you are keeping it up to date and that what you are displaying is in alignment with the Terms and Policies.

Thank you for the work you’ve done for your projects over the years and especially for your patience over the last few months. We appreciate your efforts more than we can express.


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