///FTDNA Summer Sale 2018 – Ends August 31, 2018

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FTDNA Summer Sale 2018 – Ends August 31, 2018

Family Tree DNA's Summer Sale this year includes offers for both new kits and for upgrades.


First on the list for many of us are the options for Big Y upgrades. Updated for FLASH sale.

Upgrades to Big Y-500
TestStandard PriceDiscount AmountSale Price
Y12 – Big Y 500$629$180$449
Y25 – Big Y 500$599$150$449
Y37- Big Y 500$569$140$429
Y67- Big Y 500$499$120$379
Y111- Big Y 500$449$120$329

Next up are Y-STR upgrades. I believe that everyone can benefit by testing up to the Y37 level. From there, it depends on your matches. Of course, going up to the Big Y currently includes a Y111 upgrade. The utility of that is debatable though per the thought leaders of Y-DNA testing.

Y-STR Upgrades
TestStandard PriceDiscount AmountSale Price

Finally, there are mtDNA upgrades. I feel strongly about this one. We all need to do more maternal genealogy research and maternal line testing. If you are considering just one test during the sale, let it be an mtDNA test.

If kit does not have mtDNA testing (mtDNA or mtDNAPlus), the sale price for the full mtDNA Genome (the FMS product) is $159. If you are upgrading from a lower level of mtDNA testing, then the upgrade price is $99. Note these prices come from kits in my project that I checked.

Y-SNP Pack Prices

Most Y-DNA SNP Packs are now on sale. Those normally $119 are on sale for $99. Those normally $99 are on sale for $79.

New Kit Orders

This is a great time to invite your close and distant cousins to order a DNA test. Here are highlights of sale prices for new kits.

Single Products & Bundles
TestStandard PriceDiscount AmountSale Price
Family Finder$79$20$59
FMS (mtFull Sequence)$199$50$149
FF + Y37 + FMS$546$119$328
Big Y 500$649$150$499

Happy testing, and may your trees grow!

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