FTDNA Announces BIG Y Updates

This morning, FamilyTreeDNA announced to project administrators some of the first major updates to their BIG Y product since its launch.

Dear Group Administrators,

We’re releasing a big update to Big Y on October 10th and want to give you a first look before the release goes live.

Once the release is live, we will be recalculating Big Y matches. We anticipate this to take approximately 5-7 days. During this time, you will see a “Results Pending” page when you click on the Big Y section. You will be notified by email once your results are processed and ready.

Once the transition is complete, we will update you as to when BAM files will be available.

Human Reference Genome Update

They are updating to the current version of the Human Reference Genome.

Human Reference Genome - Wikipedia
Human Reference Genome – Wikipedia

Human Genome 38

We’ve updated from hg19 to hg38. This is a more accurate representation of the human genome and is the most recent version referenced by the human genome community.

Some of the advantages of hg38 are:

  • Better mapping of NGS data to the proper location
    Consideration of alternative haplotypes across the genome

For more information about human genome builds, click here.

They are adding what looks like a miniature version of the Y-Haplotree to the BIG Y matches page.

Terminal SNP Guide

We’ve added a terminal SNP Guide that allows you to view and filter the branches closest to the tester’s terminal branch on the haplotree.

FTDNA BIG Y Update --- Example 1
FTDNA BIG Y – Update Example 1

They are also adding a results browser that will visually show the call information.

BIG Y Browser

We’re giving you the ability to view your SNP data from Big Y. This will allow you to personally assess all SNP call positions that are being evaluated for matching purposes. This data will be continuously updated.

FTDNA BIG Y - Update Example 2
FTDNA BIG Y – Update Example 2

The projected release date for updates is October 10, 2017.

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