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FTDNA Announces Big Y-700

Family Tree announced this morning that they have updated the Big Y-500 to Big Y-700. This update will be applied for all outstanding Big Y orders. Text is below.

Introducing Big Y-700 & Big Y Block Tree

We are excited to announce the introduction of Big Y-700, a substantial upgrade to our Big Y-500 product. Along with the addition of 200 STRs, we have made significant updates across the board, including a new matching tool called the Big Y Block Tree!

For those of you that ordered Big Y-500 and have not yet received your results, we are refining your current order to receive Big Y-700 at no additional charge.

Big Y-700 at a glance
* Expanded NGS targeting of genealogically useful Y-chromosome regions
* Revamped NGS chemistry that provides more uniform coverage within a much broader and targeted region of the Y
* More consistent coverage improves comparison between any two results and allows more of the identified SNPs to be placed on the tree
* Increased number of STR markers provides more data points on paternal lineages and can help identify family-specific variants
* We recommend that you join a Y-DNA Haplogroup Project, if you haven’t already, to further maximize your investment and to assist you in better understanding the test results.

Big Y Block Tree Matching Tool

A new visualization tool for your Big Y matches called the Block Tree, which makes it easier to understand how the paternal lineages of you and your matches relate to each other. To read more about the new Big Y Block Tree, visit the Learning Center.

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