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Announcement FTDNA Admin GDPR 2: Group Project Updates about the General Data Protection Regulations

FamilyTreeDNA sent the following information out to project administrators on the 15th. One of the most important changes that is being folded in with the GDPR updates is that new project members will have to change the default setting after they join a project to allow the project administrator to impersonate into their kit. This is important for doing things like downloading the CSV file of BIG Y500 STR results.

Dear Group Project Administrators,

As we previously shared, we are preparing to meet the requirements of the GDPR, the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018. Today, we are sharing more about important changes that may impact your Group Projects and other updates in preparation for the GDPR. This email requires your attention and action even if your Group Project Members are not based in the European Economic Area (EEA).

We will continue to update you as we make updates in preparation for the GDPR.

GAP Guidelines

The new GAP guidelines will be published soon. Administrators must sign in to GAP, read, and agree to them within 90 days from the date they are published. At the end of 90 days, those administrators who have not read and agreed to the updated guidelines will have their administrator access suspended.

Action: Please sign in and read and agree to the updated GAP Guidelines within 90 days.
Group Project Format Updates

All projects will be switched to the myGroups format.

Additional details:

  • Group Projects already using the myGroups format that do not have their activity feed turned on or have it set to “members only” will not be impacted by this.
  • For existing projects not currently using the myGroups format, the activity feed will default to inactive when the changes occur, but you may turn it on at any time after the new format is implemented.
  • The activity feed for new projects will default to “members only,” but you may change this setting at any time.

Please note: When the activity feed is set to be publicly visible, you will only be visible to signed-in members.

Action: Please sign in to your Group Projects and verify your activity feed settings.
Other Group Project Updates

Coding region sharing. The option to make the mtDNA Coding Region viewable to Group Project Administrators will no longer be project-by-project. Testers can share with all Group Project Administrators or none at all.

No Copy Protection. All Genetic reports in GAP now have No Copy Protection prohibiting anyone from being able to click and copy any report or data in GAP.

Reports available for download. All reports available for download in GAP are updated to reflect member privacy settings.

Action: If you have an externally-hosted site, you need to update the Y-DNA and mtDNA results right away to reflect all changes, and regularly do so thereafter.

Recap of Previous Email

Group Project Administrator first and last name is required. All Group Project Administrators are required to display their first and last name on the Group Project page allowing members ability to know who has access to their information.

To update your name, please: (1) sign in to GAP, (2) go to the My Account tab, (3) and enter your name on the Contact Information page.

  • Please note: If you are known by a nickname or initials instead of a first name, for example, “A.J. Foyt” is acceptable instead of Anthony Joseph Foyt, or “Gussie Busch” will work instead of “Augustus Busch.” An alias such as “Cat Lady” is not acceptable…sorry!

Group Project Members leaving a project. When Group Project Members leave a Group Project, an email is sent notifying Group Project Administrators of this departure. Previously, we allowed Administrators the ability to unsubscribe from these emails, but this will no longer be an option. When a Group Project Member chooses to leave a Group Project, you must remove any information about them you have posted internally and externally as well as any information from files you have downloaded.

Group Project Administrator access. Group Project Members will have the ability to choose the level of access for each Group Project Administrator with access to their results in their Project Preferences.

View Group Project Administrator access levels and their specific details here.

Further details about Group Project Administrator access:

  • If you previously added the kit as “Full Access” through GAP using the member-supplied kit number and password, you should still have Full Access. Otherwise, you should have Limited Access.
  • Members joining after the update will default to “Group Project Access,” originally called No Access. Unless a member changes their settings, administrators will not be able to click through to the member’s myFTDNA dashboard page.
  • If you add a new Group Administrator or Co-administrator to your project, the new person will default to “Group Project Access” unless members update their settings to allow Limited or Full Access.

We appreciate your continued support.

FamilyTreeDNA & The Group Projects Team

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