FamilyTreeDNA – Friends & Family Sale (OK, we all know it is the Sizzling Summer Sale.)

It is time again for FamilyTreeDNA’s mid-summer sale. ¬†This year the sale runs from August 1st through August 31st. That gives us plenty of time to fire up our genealogy software and fire off emails and phone calls to our cousins.

Below are the prices (in USA dollars) and who needs each test. Remember, don’t order tests you don’t need!

New FTDNA Test Takers

To order an FTDNA test for someone who has not tested with FTDNA before, head to their products page.

Y-DNA37 $169 $139

This is the best introductory test for someone exploring a direct paternal line. Because Y-DNA is single line specific, it provides excellent yes/no answers to genealogy questions. It is also the gateway test to more advanced exploration with BIG Y.

Most men can start with this test. The exception would those with Scandinavian Y-DNA or Ashkenazi Jewish DNA where the Y-DNA67 is a better starting point due to many men who are related in the last 7 to 15 generations and a lack of multi-generation surnames.

Y-DNA67 $268

This is the introductory Y-DNA test for those with Y-DNA from Scandinavian countries. It is not on sale right now. I suggest ordering the Y-DNA37 for now and planning to upgrade when the next sale hits.

Family Finder $89 $69

Family Finder is an excellent if somewhat challenging universal test. Its strength is that it tests all of your lines. Its weakness is that matches drop of quickly beyond the 3rd cousin level.

mtDNA Full $199 $159

This is the ultimate test for your direct maternal line. Like Y-DNA, it is good at giving yes/no answers to genealogy questions.

Y-DNA37 & Family Finder $258 $198

This is the combination of the two tests. It is a nice option for men.

mtDNA Full & Family Finder $288 $218

This is the better option for women who are interested in genealogy and deep ancestry. It is the combination of the two tests.

Y-DNA67, mtDNA Full, & Family Finder $556 $430

This is a fabulous deal for men.

FTDNA Customer Upgrades

To order these, login to your FamilyTreeDNA account, and click the UPGRADE button on the top right.

mtDNA or mtDNAPlus to mtDNA Full $119

I cannot remember the usual price for the mtDNA full sequence upgrade, but this is really good. If you are at a lower testing level, please please please upgrade. The mtDNA full sequence is both the best test for maternal heritage and for ancient migrations of humanity through maternal lines.

BIG Y $575 $395

This is the lowest I have ever seen the BIG Y. Why do you need it? First, it is a way to split genealogical lines. Second, it is helping us truly understand the origins and migrations of humanity through paternal Y-DNA.

Y-DNA12 -> Y-DNA37 $99 $69

If you have only tested Y-DNA12, I see this as an essential upgrade. Though Y-DNA12 is good for ruling out a relationship with another tester, you really want to have at least the Y-DNA37 for both genealogy and deep ancestry.

Y-DNA25 -> Y-DNA37 $49 $35

If you are one of the handful of people who are at the old Y-DNA25 level, please upgrade for the reasons mentioned above.

Y-DNA37 -> Y-DNA67 $99 $79

There are two reasons for this upgrade. First, if you have Scandinavian Y-DNA and are not at Y-DNA37, you need it. Second, you have many matches with different surnames.

Y-DNA37 -> Y-DNA111 $199 $168

This upgrade is only needed in specific haplogroups, so please check with a haplogroup admin before ordering it.

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