////Family Tree DNA’s DNA Day Sale 2017! (April 20 – 27)

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Family Tree DNA’s DNA Day Sale 2017! (April 20 – 27)

This year's prices for the Family Tree DNA Day sale include both BIG Y and SNP Pack tests.

New Test Prices

Family Finder $79 $59
mtFull Sequence $199 $149
Y-DNA37 $169 $129
Y-DNA67 $268 $209
Y-DNA111 $359 $289

Upgrade Prices

BIG Y $575 $425
SNP Backbone $99 $79
SNP Packs $119 $89

Project Sponsored Tests

The project would like to sponsor several more DNA tests during the sale. To do this, we need your donations.

This time, our focus is on the Q-L940 branches of Q. Although the Q-L940 branch is very old, it has few SNP defined branches. Instead, we are relying on similarity of Y-STR results to define clusters (Groups).

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