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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
O-F446 O-M307 About 8,900 years ago TBD O-F446
O-F449 O-F18 TBD TBD
O-F492 O-CTS2458 About 3,900 years ago TBD O-F492
O-F634 O-CTS11192 About 8,600 years ago TBD O-F634
O-F656 O-F492 About 2,900 years ago TBD O-F656
O-F706 O-F996 About 13,600 years ago TBD O-F706
O-F783 O-F1837 TBD TBD
O-F81 O-CTS10963 TBD TBD
O-F813 O-CTS1304 About 2,500 years ago TBD O-F813
O-F855 O-P49 TBD TBD
O-F876 O-CTS11192 About 8,600 years ago TBD O-F876
O-F996 O-P164 TBD TBD
O-FGC16863 O-CTS3763 TBD TBD
O-FGC16887 O-Z38720 TBD TBD
O-K7 O-F1204 TBD TBD
O-L190 O-CTS11525 TBD TBD
O-L222 O-CTS4658 TBD TBD
O-L465 O-M324 About 23,700 years ago TBD O-L465
O-L599 O-PAGES00124 TBD TBD O-L599
O-L681 O-L682 TBD TBD
O-L682 O-F1204 About 6,200 years ago TBD O-L682
O-M110 O-M119 About 15,400 years ago TBD O-M110
O-M111 O-CTS10240 About 9,700 years ago TBD O-M111
O-M117 O-M134 TBD TBD
O-M119 O-F265 About 29,600 years ago TBD O-M119
O-M122 O-M175 About 30,800 years ago TBD O-M122
O-M1310 O-M95 TBD TBD
O-M133 O-M117 TBD TBD
O-M134 O-P164 About 18,900 years ago TBD O-M134
O-M159 O-P201 TBD TBD O-M159
O-M175 NO-M214 TBD TBD
O-M188 O-CTS5153 About 23,600 years ago TBD O-M188
O-M209 O-F2055 TBD TBD
O-M268 O-F265 About 29,600 years ago TBD O-M268
O-M307 O-M119 About 15,400 years ago TBD O-M307
O-M324 O-M122 About 28,000 years ago TBD O-M324
O-M95 O-PK4 About 13,000 years ago TBD O-M95
O-P164 O-P201 About 23,600 years ago TBD O-P164
O-P201 O-M324 About 23,700 years ago TBD O-P201
O-P207 O-L465 TBD TBD
O-P49 O-M268 About 28,300 years ago TBD O-P49
O-PF3188 O-F1108 TBD TBD
O-PF4049 O-CTS10738 TBD TBD
O-PF4190 O-F1266 TBD TBD
O-PF4449 O-F1754 TBD TBD
O-PF7570 O-F18 TBD TBD
O-PK4 O-CTS11458 About 21,600 years ago TBD O-PK4
O-SK1533 O-F157 TBD TBD
O-SK1640 O-B426 TBD TBD
O-SK1769 O-FGC16863 TBD TBD
O-SK1773 O-F996 TBD TBD
O-U209 O-CTS2635 TBD TBD
O-Y23809 O-BY45623 About 1,100 years ago TBD O-Y23809
O-Y23812 O-Y23907 About 300 years ago TBD O-Y23812
O-Y23907 O-Y23809 About 600 years ago TBD O-Y23907
O-Y31261 O-Y31266 TBD TBD
O-Y31266 O-F492 About 2,900 years ago TBD O-Y31266
O-Y33751 O-Y23907 About 300 years ago TBD O-Y33751
O-Z23668 O-F2028 TBD TBD
O-Z24599 O-K2 About 2,900 years ago TBD O-Z24599
O-Z25810 O-CTS7634 TBD TBD
O-Z26108 O-F634 About 5,000 years ago TBD O-Z26108
O-Z34692 O-F133 TBD TBD
O-Z38720 O-FGC16863 TBD TBD
P-BY49600 P-P295 TBD TBD
P-CTS1014 P-P295 TBD TBD
P-M45 P-P295 TBD TBD
P-P295 K-YSC0000186 TBD TBD
Q-BY103840 Q-Y16739 TBD TBD
Q-BY146071 Q-YP4549 TBD TBD
Q-BY15676 Q-BY15678 TBD TBD
Q-BY15678 Q-FGC12274 TBD TBD
Q-BY15679 Q-BY46705 TBD TBD
Q-BY15709 Q-BY15679 TBD TBD
Q-BY15718 Q-FGC47595 TBD TBD
Q-BY15721 Q-CTS748 TBD TBD
Q-BY15728 Q-M902 TBD TBD
Q-BY15737 Q-M902 TBD TBD
Q-BY15738 Q-M902 TBD TBD
Q-BY15789 Q-PH2487 TBD TBD
Q-BY15796 Q-BY460 TBD TBD
Q-BY158320 Q-BY54347 TBD TBD
Q-BY15837 Q-L937 TBD TBD
Q-BY15842 Q-BY15843 TBD TBD
Q-BY15843 Q-YP4568 TBD TBD
Q-BY15847 Q-YP4800 TBD TBD
Q-BY174956 Q-FGC6986 TBD TBD
Q-BY2014 Q-Y4838 TBD TBD
Q-BY38189 Q-BY15676 TBD TBD
Q-BY38286 Q-BY15718 TBD TBD
Q-BY38336 Q-FGC6945 TBD TBD
Q-BY38339 Q-Y105256 TBD TBD
Q-BY38344 Q-Y6131 TBD TBD
Q-BY38345 Q-YP5093 TBD TBD
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