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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
E-BY44689 E-Y134343 TBD TBD
E-BY44792 E-BY15549 TBD TBD
E-BY44794 E-Y3183 TBD TBD
E-BY44835 E-BY8159 TBD TBD
E-BY44872 E-BY7446 TBD TBD
E-BY44874 E-BY7447 TBD TBD
E-BY4507 E-S19928 TBD TBD
E-BY4523 E-BY4526 TBD TBD
E-BY45231 E-Y18347 TBD TBD
E-BY45237 E-BY36799 TBD TBD
E-BY45238 E-Y16781 TBD TBD
E-BY45241 E-Y18621 TBD TBD
E-BY4526 E-CTS9320 TBD TBD
E-BY45381 E-Y4970 TBD TBD
E-BY45382 E-BY45381 TBD TBD
E-BY4540 E-BY4543 TBD TBD
E-BY45411 E-Z849 TBD TBD
E-BY45413 E-L791 TBD TBD
E-BY45418 E-BY36852 TBD TBD
E-BY45422 E-FGC62222 TBD TBD
E-BY4543 E-BY4523 TBD TBD
E-BY45611 E-A14363 TBD TBD
E-BY45625 E-M81 TBD TBD
E-BY45866 E-PF2477 TBD TBD
E-BY4590 E-BY4600 About 2,100 years ago TBD E-BY4590
E-BY4600 E-SK888 TBD TBD
E-BY4610 E-Z5016 TBD TBD
E-BY4620 E-BY4610 TBD TBD
E-BY4642 E-Z5017 TBD TBD
E-BY46473 E-BY6712 TBD TBD
E-BY4684 E-Z5017 TBD TBD
E-BY46923 E-Y10561 TBD TBD
E-BY4700 E-Z38334 TBD TBD
E-BY4715 E-Z38334 TBD TBD
E-BY47392 E-Z22601 TBD TBD
E-BY47475 E-CTS9997 TBD TBD
E-BY4793 E-FGC11450 TBD TBD
E-BY48020 E-M44 TBD TBD
E-BY4835 E-FGC11451 TBD TBD
E-BY4856 E-FGC11450 TBD TBD
E-BY48964 E-BY47475 TBD TBD
E-BY49056 E-BY11082 TBD TBD
E-BY4914 E-FGC11451 About 3,200 years ago TBD E-BY4914
E-BY49153 E-CTS4659 TBD TBD
E-BY4925 E-A9479 TBD TBD
E-BY4948 E-Z21291 TBD TBD
E-BY4975 E-Z38485 TBD TBD
E-BY4991 E-BY4793 TBD TBD
E-BY4992 E-BY4991 TBD TBD
E-BY5020 E-A9479 TBD TBD
E-BY5022 E-S7461 About 4,000 years ago TBD E-BY5022
E-BY5029 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY5050 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY50575 E-BY10495 About 700 years ago TBD E-BY50575
E-BY50699 E-BY4856 TBD TBD
E-BY50711 E-Z37676 TBD TBD
E-BY50721 E-BY10486 TBD TBD
E-BY50887 E-BY34282 TBD TBD
E-BY5090 E-BY5050 TBD TBD
E-BY5103 E-BY5150 TBD TBD
E-BY5140 E-BY5160 TBD TBD
E-BY5145 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY5150 E-BY5140 TBD TBD
E-BY5152 E-BY5029 TBD TBD
E-BY5160 E-FGC11445 TBD TBD
E-BY5185 E-Z39377 TBD TBD
E-BY5193 E-Y17722 TBD TBD
E-BY5200 E-Z39377 TBD TBD
E-BY5219 E-L17 TBD TBD
E-BY5227 E-BY5219 TBD TBD
E-BY5234 E-BY5227 TBD TBD
E-BY52668 E-BY6201 TBD TBD
E-BY5285 E-S2978 TBD TBD
E-BY5293 E-PH3589 TBD TBD
E-BY5311 E-A7136 TBD TBD
E-BY53489 E-BY36871 TBD TBD
E-BY5350 E-Y3183 TBD TBD
E-BY5355 E-BY5375 TBD TBD
E-BY5375 E-Y3183 TBD TBD
E-BY53757 E-BY44568 About 1,700 years ago TBD E-BY53757
E-BY5400 E-Y18673 TBD TBD
E-BY5407 E-Y18673 TBD TBD
E-BY5423 E-BY5431 About 2,200 years ago TBD E-BY5423
E-BY5430 E-BY40534 About 2,800 years ago TBD E-BY5430
E-BY5431 E-BY5430 TBD TBD
E-BY5433 E-BY5423 TBD TBD
E-BY5438 E-BY5050 TBD TBD
E-BY5465 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY5500 E-L241 TBD TBD
E-BY5505 E-Y19527 TBD TBD
E-BY5515 E-BY5505 TBD TBD
E-BY5522 E-Y19527 TBD TBD
E-BY5527 E-BY5515 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY5527
E-BY5528 E-BY5522 TBD TBD
E-BY5550 E-Z38770 TBD TBD
E-BY5570 E-BY5500 TBD TBD
E-BY5572 E-L241 TBD TBD
E-BY55807 E-Y56257 TBD TBD
E-BY55895 E-Z21467 TBD TBD
E-BY5600 E-BY5522 TBD TBD
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