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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
E-BY20366 E-Y14891 TBD TBD
E-BY20484 E-BY25750 About 4,000 years ago TBD E-BY20484
E-BY20580 E-Y21814 TBD TBD
E-BY20836 E-U181 TBD TBD
E-BY20838 E-CTS11328 TBD TBD
E-BY208544 E-BY62766 TBD TBD
E-BY20858 E-CTS2754 TBD TBD
E-BY20975 E-Y28120 TBD TBD
E-BY21668 E-Y18361 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY21668
E-BY22797 E-A6108 TBD TBD
E-BY25750 E-CTS3346 TBD TBD
E-BY27458 E-BY11086 TBD TBD
E-BY28218 E-BY6870 TBD TBD
E-BY28614 E-L618 TBD TBD
E-BY28615 E-BY15549 TBD TBD
E-BY28623 E-BY28635 TBD TBD
E-BY28635 E-Z21371 TBD TBD
E-BY30351 E-Y19509 About 3,500 years ago TBD E-BY30351
E-BY30352 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY31872 E-BY31873 TBD TBD
E-BY31873 E-Y18691 About 2,900 years ago TBD E-BY31873
E-BY33366 E-L241 TBD TBD
E-BY34236 E-BY14151 TBD TBD
E-BY34237 E-BY14160 TBD TBD
E-BY34239 E-BY34236 TBD TBD
E-BY34282 E-BY4197 TBD TBD
E-BY34308 E-BY4543 TBD TBD
E-BY34314 E-Z38664 TBD TBD
E-BY34331 E-BY5527 TBD TBD
E-BY35780 E-BY30352 TBD TBD
E-BY36662 E-BY11388 TBD TBD
E-BY36666 E-Y140166 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY36666
E-BY36667 E-BY27458 TBD TBD
E-BY36670 E-Y129143 TBD TBD
E-BY36675 E-Y35978 TBD TBD
E-BY36681 E-BY7500 TBD TBD
E-BY36683 E-BY7500 TBD TBD
E-BY36687 E-BY7669 TBD TBD
E-BY36700 E-BY8025 TBD TBD
E-BY36708 E-BY8350 TBD TBD
E-BY36713 E-BY8700 TBD TBD
E-BY36751 E-CTS3583 TBD TBD
E-BY36760 E-CTS11721 TBD TBD
E-BY36761 E-FGC18748 TBD TBD
E-BY36796 E-CTS421 TBD TBD
E-BY36799 E-BY49153 TBD TBD
E-BY36800 E-BY36799 TBD TBD
E-BY36831 E-Z7935 TBD TBD
E-BY36852 E-BY45422 TBD TBD
E-BY36854 E-Y36800 TBD TBD
E-BY36856 E-PF2546 TBD TBD
E-BY36857 E-PF4428 TBD TBD
E-BY36871 E-BY7123 TBD TBD
E-BY36877 E-PH3893 TBD TBD
E-BY36881 E-Y21769 TBD TBD
E-BY36898 E-Y5437 TBD TBD
E-BY36900 E-BY10898 TBD TBD
E-BY36918 E-Y36786 TBD TBD
E-BY36923 E-BY36924 TBD TBD
E-BY36924 E-V42 About 3,600 years ago TBD E-BY36924
E-BY36927 E-V6 TBD TBD
E-BY36952 E-Y4971 TBD TBD
E-BY36958 E-Y4972 TBD TBD
E-BY36959 E-Y15561 TBD TBD
E-BY36960 E-Y15561 TBD TBD
E-BY36962 E-Y6940 TBD TBD
E-BY36966 E-BY13890 TBD TBD
E-BY36967 E-BY113014 TBD TBD
E-BY36975 E-BY36976 TBD TBD
E-BY36976 E-Z21421 TBD TBD
E-BY36980 E-BY36983 TBD TBD
E-BY36983 E-Z21466 TBD TBD
E-BY36987 E-BY36989 About 1,500 years ago TBD E-BY36987
E-BY36989 E-Y60107 TBD TBD
E-BY37002 E-Z22121 TBD TBD
E-BY3880 E-CTS5856 TBD TBD
E-BY40071 E-BY11086 TBD TBD
E-BY40482 E-BY5784 About 1,700 years ago TBD E-BY40482
E-BY40492 E-BY4642 TBD TBD
E-BY40534 E-Y18673 TBD TBD
E-BY40694 E-V1222 TBD TBD
E-BY4135 E-BY4136 About 400 years ago TBD E-BY4135
E-BY4136 E-Z31503 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY4136
E-BY41389 E-Y82749 TBD TBD
E-BY4197 E-Z16988 TBD TBD
E-BY42185 E-BY36681 TBD TBD
E-BY4222 E-Z27131 About 2,900 years ago TBD E-BY4222
E-BY4225 E-BY4222 TBD TBD
E-BY4280 E-Z17264 TBD TBD
E-BY4282 E-BY4280 TBD TBD
E-BY4309 E-Z17264 TBD TBD
E-BY4339 E-BY4282 TBD TBD
E-BY4348 E-Z17264 TBD TBD
E-BY4366 E-Z17264 TBD TBD
E-BY4455 E-BY4459 TBD TBD
E-BY44553 E-CTS1231 TBD TBD
E-BY44568 E-CTS9954 TBD TBD
E-BY44575 E-Y35978 TBD TBD
E-BY4459 E-Z38456 TBD TBD
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