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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
E-BY10926 E-BY10890 About 900 years ago TBD E-BY10926
E-BY10946 E-BY10950 TBD TBD
E-BY10950 E-Y18691 About 2,900 years ago TBD E-BY10950
E-BY10975 E-BY10985 TBD TBD
E-BY1098 E-Z21014 TBD TBD
E-BY10985 E-BY11094 TBD TBD
E-BY109865 E-Y2962 TBD TBD
E-BY11017 E-BY11025 TBD TBD
E-BY11025 E-S21355 TBD TBD
E-BY11035 E-BY11017 TBD TBD
E-BY11050 E-BY10613 TBD TBD
E-BY11080 E-Z21018 TBD TBD
E-BY11082 E-BY11080 TBD TBD
E-BY11085 E-BY11086 About 1,300 years ago TBD E-BY11085
E-BY11086 E-Y18691 TBD TBD
E-BY11089 E-BY10600 TBD TBD
E-BY11094 E-Z21014 TBD TBD
E-BY112334 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY113014 E-Y6966 TBD TBD
E-BY11344 E-BY6730 About 400 years ago TBD E-BY11344
E-BY11388 E-BY10392 About 800 years ago TBD E-BY11388
E-BY113978 E-Y56257 TBD TBD
E-BY11402 E-BY7890 TBD TBD
E-BY11619 E-BY11629 About 2,200 years ago TBD E-BY11619
E-BY11629 E-Y18691 TBD TBD
E-BY11646 E-BY8000 TBD TBD
E-BY11662 E-BY11646 About 2,700 years ago TBD E-BY11662
E-BY117522 E-BY86598 About 1,900 years ago TBD E-BY117522
E-BY118077 E-BY73456 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY118077
E-BY118755 E-CTS194 TBD TBD
E-BY130298 E-BY4620 TBD TBD
E-BY130596 E-Y140679 TBD TBD
E-BY13750 E-Z841 TBD TBD
E-BY137784 E-BY103769 TBD TBD
E-BY13890 E-Y6966 TBD TBD
E-BY140696 E-BY36987 About 1,000 years ago TBD E-BY140696
E-BY14150 E-BY14160 About 4,300 years ago TBD E-BY14150
E-BY14151 E-PH1246 TBD TBD
E-BY141576 E-Y6940 TBD TBD
E-BY14160 E-BY14151 About 4,300 years ago TBD E-BY14160
E-BY143121 E-FGC11451 TBD TBD
E-BY14424 E-BY8404 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY14424
E-BY14425 E-BY14424 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY14425
E-BY14426 E-BY14425 TBD TBD
E-BY145572 E-BY36683 TBD TBD
E-BY151790 E-BY20093 TBD TBD
E-BY152493 E-BY3880 TBD TBD
E-BY153053 E-BY155589 TBD TBD
E-BY15395 E-BY15396 TBD TBD
E-BY15396 E-Z16663 TBD TBD
E-BY15408 E-BY15412 TBD TBD
E-BY15412 E-BY15395 TBD TBD
E-BY15549 E-PH1246 TBD TBD
E-BY155589 E-BY50887 TBD TBD
E-BY158877 E-BY159948 TBD TBD
E-BY15912 E-Y29594 TBD TBD
E-BY15913 E-BY15920 TBD TBD
E-BY15920 E-BY15912 TBD TBD
E-BY159948 E-Y21768 TBD TBD
E-BY160588 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-BY160921 E-BY161276 TBD TBD
E-BY161037 E-A9034 TBD TBD
E-BY161276 E-Y2366 TBD TBD
E-BY161775 E-BY17811 TBD TBD
E-BY164498 E-BY5775 About 500 years ago TBD E-BY164498
E-BY164545 E-BY65706 TBD TBD
E-BY164652 E-Y22843 TBD TBD
E-BY165837 E-BY5293 About 3,400 years ago TBD E-BY165837
E-BY166333 E-BY159948 TBD TBD
E-BY166583 E-CTS12048 TBD TBD
E-BY167150 E-Z5018 TBD TBD
E-BY167967 E-BY36923 TBD TBD
E-BY172399 E-BY172400 TBD TBD
E-BY172400 E-BY167150 TBD TBD
E-BY173270 E-BY173274 TBD TBD
E-BY173274 E-BY15412 TBD TBD
E-BY173338 E-BY9969 TBD TBD
E-BY174848 E-Y46672 TBD TBD
E-BY174855 E-Z19851 TBD TBD
E-BY176308 E-Y15561 TBD TBD
E-BY176457 E-CTS261 TBD TBD
E-BY17811 E-BY47392 TBD TBD
E-BY178252 E-CTS9580 TBD TBD
E-BY178253 E-BY7025 TBD TBD
E-BY178965 E-BY5234 TBD TBD
E-BY181074 E-Y18691 TBD TBD
E-BY182517 E-BY7402 TBD TBD
E-BY182530 E-BY4225 TBD TBD
E-BY182564 E-S24513 TBD TBD
E-BY192457 E-L241 TBD TBD
E-BY194530 E-BY4610 TBD TBD
E-BY196401 E-Y61787 About 600 years ago TBD E-BY196401
E-BY19731 E-BY4914 TBD TBD
E-BY197898 E-Y132963 TBD TBD
E-BY197936 E-BY7365 TBD TBD
E-BY1984 E-PH2818 TBD TBD
E-BY20073 E-S19928 TBD TBD
E-BY20093 E-CTS9320 TBD TBD
E-BY202328 E-Y99171 TBD TBD
E-BY20365 E-BY20366 About 800 years ago TBD E-BY20365
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