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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
I-FGC52037 I-BY34583 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC52743 I-FGC51755 About 400 years ago Eurasia I-FGC52743
I-FGC52744 I-FGC52743 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC52748 I-FGC17591 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC54022 I-S26361 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC54042 I-FGC54051 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC54050 I-L22 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC54051 I-FGC54080 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC54080 I-FGC54050 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC54631 I-A16748 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC55856 I-S2361 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC56719 I-Y16441 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC56815 I-Y4252 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia I-FGC56815
I-FGC56855 I-FGC56815 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC57449 I-Y4760 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC58634 I-Y10663 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC58798 I-JN24 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC59339 I-FGC17581 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC60262 I-FGC60263 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC60263 I-FGC60266 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC60266 I-S12289 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC60542 I-CTS2208 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-FGC60542
I-FGC63213 I-Y4460 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC65639 I-BY20540 About 700 years ago Eurasia I-FGC65639
I-FGC65909 I-BY48368 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC67215 I-BY35461 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC67513 I-BY3425 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC67824 I-FGC67849 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC67849 I-Y9443 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia I-FGC67849
I-FGC6800 I-FGC33295 About 2,800 years ago Eurasia I-FGC6800
I-FGC68308 I-A8191 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC68799 I-Y15295 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC69701 I-S2068 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC69702 I-FGC69701 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC69845 I-A12775 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC6994 I-CTS5510 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC7026 I-BY2489 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC70306 I-BY37404 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC70378 I-FGC70306 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC70891 I-Y4115 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC73841 I-Y24792 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC74521 I-F2642 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC76048 I-A8198 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC81570 I-L802 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC8688 I-M6155 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC8761 I-FGC8769 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC8769 I-Z74 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC9461 I-FGC9486 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC9462 I-FGC9461 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC9486 I-FGC9494 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC9487 I-L813 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC9493 I-FGC9487 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC9494 I-FGC9493 TBD Eurasia
I-FT6464 I-Y81757 TBD Eurasia
I-FT6678 I-BY34648 TBD Eurasia
I-JN08 I-BY509 About 1,300 years ago Eurasia I-JN08
I-JN11 I-BY585 TBD Eurasia
I-JN24 I-BY548 About 1,300 years ago Eurasia I-JN24
I-JN25 I-JN11 TBD Eurasia
I-JN26 I-BY509 TBD Eurasia
I-JN36 I-S6346 TBD Eurasia
I-JN38 I-JN36 TBD Eurasia
I-JN41 I-Y17251 TBD Eurasia
I-JN62 I-JN25 TBD Eurasia
I-JN65 I-JN11 TBD Eurasia
I-K439 I-Y7240 TBD Eurasia
I-L1193 I-Y3709 About 5,600 years ago Eurasia I-L1193
I-L1194 I-Y6028 TBD Eurasia
I-L1195 I-M284 About 7,100 years ago Eurasia I-L1195
I-L1201 I-Y11920 TBD Eurasia
I-L1226 I-Y21692 TBD Eurasia
I-L1227 I-L1228 TBD Eurasia
I-L1228 I-S12377 TBD Eurasia
I-L1229 I-BY1003 About 9,000 years ago Eurasia I-L1229
I-L1230 I-S8171 TBD Eurasia
I-L1237 I-PR683 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-L1237
I-L1242 I-S10360 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-L1242
I-L1243 I-L1242 TBD Eurasia
I-L126 I-L1195 About 5,600 years ago Eurasia I-L126
I-L1272 I-Y4928 About 3,400 years ago Eurasia I-L1272
I-L1274 I-M26 About 11,400 years ago Eurasia I-L1274
I-L1275 I-A5339 About 3,100 years ago Eurasia I-L1275
I-L1286 I-S21825 TBD Eurasia
I-L1287 I-L1286 About 11,300 years ago Eurasia I-L1287
I-L1290 I-Y16963 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-L1290
I-L1294 I-S21825 TBD Eurasia
I-L1295 I-Y22591 TBD Eurasia
I-L1302 I-BY266 About 2,200 years ago Eurasia I-L1302
I-L1425 I-CTS6433 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia I-L1425
I-L1431 I-Y5612 TBD Eurasia
I-L1438 I-S23679 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-L1438
I-L1450 I-Z2040 TBD Eurasia
I-L1451 I-Y3573 TBD Eurasia
I-L1452 I-FGC12752 TBD Eurasia
I-L1498 I-S2639 About 6,900 years ago Eurasia I-L1498
I-L160 I-CTS1132 About 7,700 years ago Eurasia I-L160
I-L161 I-CTS5375 TBD Eurasia
I-L205 I-Z2338 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-L205
I-L22 I-S6346 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-L22
I-L233 I-L1287 About 7,600 years ago Eurasia I-L233
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