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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
I-FGC21838 I-Y5490 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-FGC21838
I-FGC21850 I-Y4043 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21866 I-Y4114 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21868 I-FGC21866 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21899 I-Y4115 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21903 I-FGC21899 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21918 I-Y4115 About 2,500 years ago Eurasia I-FGC21918
I-FGC21922 I-FGC21918 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21940 I-FGC21946 About 2,500 years ago Eurasia I-FGC21940
I-FGC21946 I-Y4115 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21965 I-Y4740 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21968 I-Y4740 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21970 I-Y4741 About 1,200 years ago Eurasia I-FGC21970
I-FGC21972 I-FGC21975 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21975 I-FGC21970 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21980 I-S14887 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21987 I-FGC21980 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21989 I-FGC21987 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21991 I-FGC21980 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC21993 I-FGC21991 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22026 I-FGC21980 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22045 I-FGC22048 About 2,300 years ago Eurasia I-FGC22045
I-FGC22048 I-Y11203 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22054 I-FGC33034 About 800 years ago Eurasia I-FGC22054
I-FGC22064 I-FGC22072 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22072 I-S14887 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22083 I-FGC22096 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22091 I-FGC22100 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22096 I-Y32317 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-FGC22096
I-FGC22097 I-FGC22083 About 200 years ago Eurasia I-FGC22097
I-FGC22100 I-Y4115 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22110 I-FGC14505 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-FGC22110
I-FGC22112 I-FGC17110 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22115 I-FGC22112 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-FGC22115
I-FGC22127 I-FGC22134 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22129 I-FGC14508 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22134 I-FGC22144 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22144 I-FGC22129 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22153 I-Y5612 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22162 I-S4715 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC22406 I-Z141 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23267 I-S7642 TBD Eurasia I-FGC23267
I-FGC23286 I-FGC2491 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23560 I-FGC17110 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23758 I-FGC22129 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-FGC23758
I-FGC23774 I-Y24567 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23777 I-FGC21728 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23806 I-Z60 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23827 I-FGC23806 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC23829 I-FGC23827 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC24008 I-FGC24024 About 1,700 years ago Eurasia I-FGC24008
I-FGC24024 I-FGC24034 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia I-FGC24024
I-FGC24034 I-Y11248 About 2,400 years ago Eurasia I-FGC24034
I-FGC24342 I-S10350 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC24347 I-FGC24357 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC24357 I-S22349 About 2,600 years ago Eurasia I-FGC24357
I-FGC24758 I-BY31741 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC2491 I-Y1854 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC2500 I-FGC2502 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC2502 I-FGC2491 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC2511 I-FGC2500 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC28751 I-FGC28756 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC28756 I-L22 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC29185 I-S7642 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC29230 I-S2097 About 3,200 years ago Eurasia I-FGC29230
I-FGC29244 I-FGC29230 About 2,800 years ago Eurasia I-FGC29244
I-FGC30160 I-SK1258 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC30452 I-Y16473 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-FGC30452
I-FGC31730 I-S2077 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC31813 I-Y18823 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC33034 I-FGC22045 About 800 years ago Eurasia I-FGC33034
I-FGC33077 I-FGC23829 About 300 years ago Eurasia I-FGC33077
I-FGC33239 I-S23679 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-FGC33239
I-FGC33295 I-Y5282 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-FGC33295
I-FGC33330 I-FGC23829 About 300 years ago Eurasia I-FGC33330
I-FGC35457 I-Y6028 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC35577 I-Y19932 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC35745 I-Y3605 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC35746 I-Y15295 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC35755 I-FGC35745 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC35955 I-Y17611 About 1,700 years ago Eurasia I-FGC35955
I-FGC36089 I-L573 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC36107 I-FGC36089 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC36959 I-S21118 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC36962 I-FGC36959 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC36963 I-FGC36962 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC39003 I-Y91501 About 1,600 years ago Eurasia I-FGC39003
I-FGC39137 I-BY453 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC39892 I-FGC23829 About 300 years ago Eurasia I-FGC39892
I-FGC41708 I-FGC10445 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC41720 I-FGC41738 About 1,200 years ago Eurasia I-FGC41720
I-FGC41727 I-FGC41708 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC41738 I-FGC41727 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC43065 I-PH1178 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC44982 I-Y11878 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC51755 I-FGC52748 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC52005 I-L300 TBD Eurasia
I-FGC52006 I-FGC52012 About 300 years ago Eurasia I-FGC52006
I-FGC52007 I-FGC52005 About 2,300 years ago Eurasia I-FGC52007
I-FGC52012 I-BY25106 About 400 years ago Eurasia I-FGC52012
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