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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
I-BY84740 I-FGC67849 TBD Eurasia
I-BY84835 I-Y24060 TBD Eurasia
I-BY85150 I-S4767 TBD Eurasia
I-BY85675 I-BY67266 TBD Eurasia
I-BY85926 I-Y62857 TBD Eurasia
I-BY86358 I-Y51873 TBD Eurasia
I-BY86512 I-Y30053 TBD Eurasia
I-BY86585 I-Y20863 TBD Eurasia
I-BY86789 I-A14359 TBD Eurasia
I-BY87079 I-Y16438 TBD Eurasia
I-BY87395 I-BY34386 TBD Eurasia
I-BY87414 I-FGC54022 TBD Eurasia
I-BY87737 I-Y5384 TBD Eurasia
I-BY87917 I-L813 TBD Eurasia
I-BY88077 I-SK1241 TBD Eurasia
I-BY88221 I-Y30546 TBD Eurasia
I-BY88306 I-FGC43065 TBD Eurasia
I-BY88441 I-Z180 TBD Eurasia
I-BY88573 I-Z60 TBD Eurasia
I-BY88657 I-BY548 TBD Eurasia
I-BY89556 I-Y129261 TBD Eurasia
I-BY90019 I-Y87525 TBD Eurasia
I-BY90272 I-BY46076 TBD Eurasia
I-BY90649 I-Y30548 TBD Eurasia
I-BY91614 I-S2488 TBD Eurasia
I-BY91692 I-PH1671 TBD Eurasia
I-BY93025 I-Y11926 TBD Eurasia
I-BY93052 I-FGC12745 About 400 years ago Eurasia I-BY93052
I-BY94158 I-BY44677 TBD Eurasia
I-BY96607 I-Y41831 TBD Eurasia
I-BY96950 I-PH4774 TBD Eurasia
I-BY97555 I-Y3548 TBD Eurasia
I-BY97649 I-BY61484 TBD Eurasia
I-BY97777 I-L258 TBD Eurasia
I-BY98512 I-S21118 TBD Eurasia
I-BZ2610 I-Y4725 About 2,000 years ago Eurasia I-BZ2610
I-CTS10028 I-CTS6364 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS10057 I-CTS616 About 10,500 years ago Eurasia I-CTS10057
I-CTS10148 I-CTS1858 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS10148
I-CTS10228 I-CTS4002 About 5,100 years ago Eurasia I-CTS10228
I-CTS108 I-BY35467 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS10936 I-L621 About 6,500 years ago Eurasia I-CTS10936
I-CTS10937 I-Z2535 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS1132 I-PF3981 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS11338 I-CTS1758 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS11603 I-L22 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS11603
I-CTS11851 I-CTS1758 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS11871 I-Z189 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS1752 I-Y15507 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS1758 I-PF4088 About 5,500 years ago Eurasia I-CTS1758
I-CTS1858 I-Y5282 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS1858
I-CTS1977 I-Z165 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia I-CTS1977
I-CTS2208 I-Z74 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS2208
I-CTS2242 I-L258 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-CTS2242
I-CTS2257 I-P215 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS3203 I-Z113 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS3496 I-BY511 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS4002 I-S19848 About 5,500 years ago Eurasia I-CTS4002
I-CTS5332 I-BY3605 TBD Eurasia I-CTS5332
I-CTS5375 I-M423 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS5510 I-CTS6397 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS5779 I-Y5598 About 2,200 years ago Eurasia I-CTS5779
I-CTS595 I-P37 About 18,200 years ago Eurasia I-CTS595
I-CTS6017 I-Z2338 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS616 I-M223 About 12,000 years ago Eurasia I-CTS616
I-CTS6364 I-Y2592 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS6397 I-PH554 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia I-CTS6397
I-CTS6400 I-BY48560 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS6408 I-CTS6017 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS6433 I-Z165 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia I-CTS6433
I-CTS6739 I-Z141 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia I-CTS6739
I-CTS6772 I-F2642 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS6868 I-Z2338 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS6868
I-CTS7314 I-Y8937 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS7362 I-Z60 About 4,200 years ago Eurasia I-CTS7362
I-CTS7618 I-Z190 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS7618
I-CTS7676 I-CTS2208 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS7676
I-CTS787 I-CTS11338 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS8386 I-PF4088 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS8407 I-Y30507 About 2,000 years ago Eurasia I-CTS8407
I-CTS8584 I-Z171 About 3,100 years ago Eurasia I-CTS8584
I-CTS8647 I-Z59 About 4,300 years ago Eurasia I-CTS8647
I-CTS904 I-CTS11338 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS9310 I-L300 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS9352 I-Z2895 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia I-CTS9352
I-CTS9867 I-F3312 TBD Eurasia
I-CTS9889 I-A5635 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-CTS9889
I-DC796 I-Y14721 About 3,500 years ago Eurasia I-DC796
I-DF29 I-M253 About 4,600 years ago Eurasia I-DF29
I-F1295 I-L160 About 6,100 years ago Eurasia I-F1295
I-F13007 I-BY11102 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-F13007
I-F1569 I-Z113 TBD Eurasia
I-F16721 I-Y36652 TBD Eurasia
I-F17255 I-Y61117 TBD Eurasia
I-F18940 I-Y61438 TBD Eurasia
I-F1997 I-A1890 TBD Eurasia
I-F2044 I-BY1265 TBD Eurasia
I-F22033 I-S2068 TBD Eurasia
I-F23571 I-Y17942 TBD Eurasia
I-F25958 I-A16520 About 1,100 years ago Eurasia I-F25958
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