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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
C-F845 C-CTS10762 About 10,900 years ago TBD C-F845
C-F9765 C-F1319 TBD TBD
C-F9936 C-F12970 TBD TBD
C-F9992 C-F6301 TBD TBD
C-FGC28850 C-F3830 TBD TBD
C-FGC31362 C-FGC28850 About 400 years ago TBD C-FGC31362
C-FGC39579 C-CTS10923 About 6,700 years ago TBD C-FGC39579
C-K700 C-CTS4021 TBD TBD
C-M105 C-CTS11043 TBD TBD
C-M131 C-M105 TBD TBD
C-M208 C-M38 TBD TBD
C-M216 CF-P143 TBD TBD
C-M217 C-M216 About 48,400 years ago TBD C-M217
C-M356 C-F3393 TBD TBD
C-M38 C-F3393 About 41,600 years ago TBD C-M38
C-M407 C-F6346 About 7,000 years ago TBD C-M407
C-M48 C-F6301 About 14,500 years ago TBD C-M48
C-P39 C-F4015 TBD TBD C-P39
C-P54 C-PF1200 TBD TBD
C-P55 C-F3393 TBD TBD
C-P92 C-M356 About 21,500 years ago TBD C-P92
C-PF1200 C-M208 TBD TBD
C-SK1066 C-F5485 TBD TBD
C-SK997 C-F3393 TBD TBD
C-V20 C-CTS11043 About 45,000 years ago TBD C-V20
C-V222 C-BY1463 About 16,000 years ago TBD C-V222
C-Y10428 C-F1756 TBD TBD
C-Y11695 C-Y12152 TBD TBD
C-Y12152 C-V222 About 4,200 years ago TBD C-Y12152
C-Y12782 C-F5481 About 900 years ago TBD C-Y12782
C-Y15552 C-Y15844 About 1,900 years ago TBD C-Y15552
C-Y15844 C-F5485 About 2,100 years ago TBD C-Y15844
C-Y17342 C-Y15552 About 500 years ago TBD C-Y17342
C-Y20086 C-Y12782 TBD TBD
C-Y20087 C-Y20086 TBD TBD C-Y20087
C-Y20795 C-Y12782 About 800 years ago TBD C-Y20795
C-Y22653 C-Y22657 TBD TBD
C-Y22657 C-F12970 About 2,000 years ago TBD C-Y22657
C-Y22661 C-Y15552 About 500 years ago TBD C-Y22661
C-Z16582 C-SK997 TBD TBD
C-Z22425 C-F9992 TBD TBD
C-Z30470 C-Y11695 TBD TBD
C-Z30747 C-BY825 TBD TBD
C-Z30750 C-Z30747 TBD TBD
C-Z30754 C-Z30750 TBD TBD
C-Z30765 C-BY736 TBD TBD
C-Z31667 C-CTS11990 TBD TBD
C-Z31799 C-BY1117 TBD TBD
C-Z38940 C-BY1360 TBD TBD
C-Z44526 C-PH428 TBD TBD
C-Z44576 C-PH428 TBD TBD
D-BY12625 D-PH116 TBD Eurasia
D-BY12738 D-BY12793 TBD Eurasia
D-BY12793 D-F1070 TBD Eurasia
D-BY12914 D-PH4 TBD Eurasia
D-BY12975 D-BY12914 TBD Eurasia
D-BY13985 D-CTS8093 TBD Eurasia
D-BY15199 D-PH344 TBD Eurasia
D-BY45234 D-CTS8093 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS10054 D-M64 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS10441 D-M64 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS10495 D-CTS10054 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS10972 D-M125 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS11032 D-CTS3097 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS11285 D-CTS10054 About 10,800 years ago Eurasia D-CTS11285
D-CTS11577 D-M174 About 46,300 years ago Eurasia D-CTS11577
D-CTS1982 D-PAGES00003 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS218 D-CTS11032 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS3097 D-CTS10441 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS5641 D-CTS3097 TBD Eurasia
D-CTS8093 D-Z1504 About 2,000 years ago Eurasia D-CTS8093
D-F1070 D-M15 About 33,500 years ago Eurasia D-F1070
D-F6251 D-CTS11577 TBD Eurasia
D-FGC6373 D-CTS8093 TBD Eurasia
D-FGC6386 D-FGC6373 TBD Eurasia
D-L137 D-FGC6373 TBD Eurasia
D-M125 D-CTS10441 About 16,800 years ago Eurasia D-M125
D-M15 D-F6251 TBD Eurasia
D-M174 DE-M145 TBD Eurasia
D-M226 D-M174 TBD Eurasia
D-M533 D-F6251 TBD Eurasia
D-M64 D-CTS11577 TBD Eurasia
D-PAGES00003 D-M125 TBD Eurasia
D-PH116 D-M533 TBD Eurasia
D-PH344 D-PH4 TBD Eurasia
D-PH4 D-M15 TBD Eurasia
D-Z1504 D-CTS1982 About 2,000 years ago Eurasia D-Z1504
D-Z30643 D-CTS3097 TBD Eurasia
D-Z38279 D-CTS11285 TBD Eurasia
D-Z38289 D-Z38279 TBD Eurasia
DE-M145 CT-M168 TBD Eurasia
E-A10158 E-FGC33621 TBD TBD
E-A10162 E-FGC67854 TBD TBD E-A10162
E-A10728 E-Y6940 TBD TBD
E-A10729 E-A10728 TBD TBD
E-A11309 E-Y15561 About 1,000 years ago TBD E-A11309
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