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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
I-A17797 I-A17799 TBD Eurasia
I-A17799 I-Y15543 About 1,400 years ago Eurasia I-A17799
I-A1790 I-S1977 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-A1790
I-A17998 I-Y14603 TBD Eurasia
I-A18074 I-S23519 TBD Eurasia
I-A18180 I-S11023 TBD Eurasia
I-A18256 I-Y13039 TBD Eurasia
I-A18294 I-A8090 TBD Eurasia
I-A18304 I-A6568 About 1,000 years ago Eurasia I-A18304
I-A18336 I-A16418 TBD Eurasia
I-A1843 I-BY31734 TBD Eurasia
I-A18463 I-Z113 TBD Eurasia
I-A18477 I-PH4462 TBD Eurasia
I-A18493 I-A15680 About 500 years ago Eurasia I-A18493
I-A18503 I-A7145 TBD Eurasia
I-A18665 I-BY34622 TBD Eurasia
I-A18711 I-BY13389 TBD Eurasia
I-A1874 I-A1890 TBD Eurasia
I-A1890 I-Y3153 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia I-A1890
I-A18911 I-BY31751 TBD Eurasia
I-A1894 I-Y3153 TBD Eurasia
I-A1913 I-A1914 TBD Eurasia
I-A1914 I-FGC23806 TBD Eurasia
I-A19162 I-A14359 TBD Eurasia
I-A1917 I-A1944 TBD Eurasia
I-A1922 I-A1994 TBD Eurasia
I-A1925 I-F2642 TBD Eurasia
I-A19302 I-A8270 About 1,400 years ago Eurasia I-A19302
I-A1935 I-A2053 TBD Eurasia
I-A19385 I-Y4252 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia I-A19385
I-A19395 I-Y36693 TBD Eurasia
I-A19396 I-A17273 TBD Eurasia
I-A19429 I-CTS6772 TBD Eurasia
I-A1944 I-L338 TBD Eurasia
I-A19441 I-A19429 TBD Eurasia
I-A19485 I-Y4252 TBD Eurasia
I-A1965 I-A1972 TBD Eurasia
I-A1968 I-A1917 TBD Eurasia
I-A1972 I-Y12330 TBD Eurasia
I-A1979 I-A1968 TBD Eurasia
I-A1994 I-Y10890 TBD Eurasia
I-A20029 I-Y36080 TBD Eurasia
I-A20030 I-BY37212 About 1,300 years ago Eurasia I-A20030
I-A20032 I-A20033 About 800 years ago Eurasia I-A20032
I-A20033 I-S12289 About 2,700 years ago Eurasia I-A20033
I-A20044 I-ZW20 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-A20044
I-A2006 I-L338 TBD Eurasia
I-A2021 I-BY453 TBD Eurasia
I-A20253 I-Y40258 TBD Eurasia
I-A20333 I-PH2898 TBD Eurasia
I-A20390 I-BY31734 TBD Eurasia
I-A20404 I-S11132 TBD Eurasia
I-A20452 I-BY49342 TBD Eurasia
I-A20522 I-BY33108 TBD Eurasia
I-A2053 I-BY453 About 2,700 years ago Eurasia I-A2053
I-A20722 I-FGC51755 TBD Eurasia
I-A20723 I-A5860 TBD Eurasia
I-A20831 I-BY49342 About 700 years ago Eurasia I-A20831
I-A20884 I-A17650 TBD Eurasia
I-A21812 I-Y3118 TBD Eurasia
I-A21901 I-Y98720 About 2,500 years ago Eurasia I-A21901
I-A21912 I-A21901 About 1,700 years ago Eurasia I-A21912
I-A2228 I-A2239 TBD Eurasia
I-A22306 I-Y3723 About 3,500 years ago Eurasia I-A22306
I-A22312 I-A5913 TBD Eurasia
I-A22389 I-A6756 TBD Eurasia
I-A2239 I-Y11197 TBD Eurasia
I-A22512 I-A6756 TBD Eurasia
I-A2293 I-A2330 TBD Eurasia
I-A2330 I-Y14605 TBD Eurasia
I-A2339 I-Y7140 TBD Eurasia
I-A2365 I-BY7158 TBD Eurasia
I-A2398 I-A1944 TBD Eurasia
I-A2423 I-Z16972 TBD Eurasia
I-A2512 I-Y18331 About 2,100 years ago Eurasia I-A2512
I-A262 I-A264 About 800 years ago Eurasia I-A262
I-A264 I-S1973 About 1,000 years ago Eurasia I-A264
I-A393 I-A394 TBD Eurasia
I-A394 I-FGC20030 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia I-A394
I-A400 I-A393 TBD Eurasia
I-A417 I-Y4252 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia I-A417
I-A427 I-S25733 About 5,000 years ago Eurasia I-A427
I-A4577 I-S12289 TBD Eurasia
I-A4600 I-S1973 TBD Eurasia
I-A4636 I-BY463 TBD Eurasia
I-A480 I-L1452 About 2,300 years ago Eurasia I-A480
I-A482 I-BY206800 About 1,500 years ago Eurasia I-A482
I-A5338 I-FGC20030 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia I-A5338
I-A5339 I-A5338 About 3,300 years ago Eurasia I-A5339
I-A5449 I-S1973 TBD Eurasia
I-A5475 I-FGC19081 TBD Eurasia
I-A5493 I-A2398 TBD Eurasia
I-A5562 I-BY50086 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-A5562
I-A5572 I-A5574 TBD Eurasia
I-A5574 I-Y11821 TBD Eurasia
I-A5634 I-A5636 TBD Eurasia
I-A5635 I-Y10637 About 2,400 years ago Eurasia I-A5635
I-A5636 I-CTS9889 TBD Eurasia
I-A5672 I-YP1084 About 1,700 years ago Eurasia I-A5672
I-A5699 I-A5734 TBD Eurasia
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