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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
H-M82 H-M52 About 16,500 years ago Eurasia H-M82
H-M97 H-M82 TBD Eurasia H-M97
H-P194 H-Apt TBD Eurasia
H-P266 H-Apt TBD Eurasia H-P266
H-P80 H-Apt About 17,200 years ago Eurasia H-P80
H-P96 H-L901 About 45,800 years ago Eurasia H-P96
H-PF3430 H-M82 TBD Eurasia
H-PF4107 H-M52 TBD Eurasia
H-PH124 H-PH4549 TBD Eurasia
H-PH4549 H-SK1225 TBD Eurasia
H-PH830 H-M69 TBD Eurasia
H-SK1180 H-Z19080 TBD Eurasia
H-SK1182 H-Y21616 TBD Eurasia
H-SK1225 H-M2772 About 6,400 years ago Eurasia H-SK1225
H-Y20839 H-SK1182 About 3,500 years ago Eurasia H-Y20839
H-Y21598 H-Y21630 About 3,100 years ago Eurasia H-Y21598
H-Y21616 H-SK1180 TBD Eurasia
H-Y21630 H-Y20839 TBD Eurasia
H-Y46896 H-Z35332 About 200 years ago Eurasia H-Y46896
H-Y8905 H-Z5863 TBD Eurasia
H-Z12533 H-Z4507 TBD Eurasia
H-Z13871 H-Z5857 About 29,700 years ago Eurasia H-Z13871
H-Z14542 H-M2745 TBD Eurasia
H-Z14668 H-M82 TBD Eurasia
H-Z15373 H-P96 TBD Eurasia
H-Z19080 H-P96 TBD Eurasia
H-Z34621 H-Z14668 TBD Eurasia
H-Z35332 H-BY72518 TBD Eurasia
H-Z41289 H-Z15373 TBD Eurasia
H-Z4414 H-Z4417 TBD Eurasia H-Z4414
H-Z4417 H-Z4471 About 13,800 years ago Eurasia H-Z4417
H-Z4471 H-M52 TBD Eurasia
H-Z4507 H-SK1225 About 6,400 years ago Eurasia H-Z4507
H-Z5857 H-M2826 About 44,500 years ago Eurasia H-Z5857
H-Z5863 H-Z5857 About 21,700 years ago Eurasia H-Z5863
I-A10029 I-L1498 About 6,900 years ago Eurasia I-A10029
I-A10033 I-Y4252 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia I-A10033
I-A10034 I-A10033 TBD Eurasia
I-A10063 I-BY46063 TBD Eurasia
I-A10081 I-A10902 TBD Eurasia
I-A10086 I-A10902 TBD Eurasia
I-A10198 I-A1463 TBD Eurasia
I-A10201 I-A10198 TBD Eurasia
I-A10206 I-S2175 TBD Eurasia
I-A10208 I-A10216 About 300 years ago Eurasia I-A10208
I-A10216 I-A18911 About 500 years ago Eurasia I-A10216
I-A10230 I-Z16969 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-A10230
I-A10697 I-A1612 TBD Eurasia
I-A10703 I-A7332 TBD Eurasia
I-A10741 I-Y4665 TBD Eurasia
I-A10757 I-Y7818 About 1,200 years ago Eurasia I-A10757
I-A10902 I-A5635 TBD Eurasia
I-A10903 I-A10902 About 1,500 years ago Eurasia I-A10903
I-A10910 I-A10902 About 1,500 years ago Eurasia I-A10910
I-A10921 I-A18911 About 500 years ago Eurasia I-A10921
I-A10959 I-A2512 About 2,100 years ago Eurasia I-A10959
I-A11063 I-A9178 TBD Eurasia
I-A11115 I-Y11772 About 1,500 years ago Eurasia I-A11115
I-A11141 I-Z62 TBD Eurasia
I-A11152 I-A11141 TBD Eurasia
I-A11161 I-A7000 About 2,600 years ago Eurasia I-A11161
I-A11175 I-A11161 TBD Eurasia
I-A11207 I-BY50248 TBD Eurasia
I-A11278 I-Y10637 About 2,200 years ago Eurasia I-A11278
I-A11287 I-A11278 About 900 years ago Eurasia I-A11287
I-A11316 I-S12289 TBD Eurasia
I-A11323 I-A11316 TBD Eurasia
I-A11374 I-Y91501 About 1,600 years ago Eurasia I-A11374
I-A11380 I-M227 About 2,900 years ago Eurasia I-A11380
I-A11399 I-A9096 About 600 years ago Eurasia I-A11399
I-A11400 I-A9096 TBD Eurasia
I-A1143 I-Z26403 About 3,300 years ago Eurasia I-A1143
I-A11471 I-Y30372 About 500 years ago Eurasia I-A11471
I-A1150 I-L1498 TBD Eurasia
I-A11523 I-Y23115 TBD Eurasia
I-A11537 I-Y6634 About 2,700 years ago Eurasia I-A11537
I-A11558 I-A8644 TBD Eurasia
I-A11569 I-A8601 TBD Eurasia
I-A11584 I-A11587 TBD Eurasia
I-A11587 I-S1990 TBD Eurasia
I-A11612 I-Y11197 TBD Eurasia
I-A11703 I-Y21966 About 1,300 years ago Eurasia I-A11703
I-A11749 I-PF6950 TBD Eurasia
I-A12053 I-Y15902 TBD Eurasia
I-A12095 I-CTS6400 TBD Eurasia
I-A1221 I-Z17855 TBD Eurasia
I-A12373 I-PF4189 About 4,700 years ago Eurasia I-A12373
I-A12505 I-Z16969 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-A12505
I-A12775 I-A12798 TBD Eurasia
I-A12798 I-Z59 TBD Eurasia
I-A13184 I-A1524 About 1,700 years ago Eurasia I-A13184
I-A13207 I-S20030 About 2,700 years ago Eurasia I-A13207
I-A13216 I-A13207 TBD Eurasia
I-A13248 I-Y7198 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-A13248
I-A13268 I-S2275 TBD Eurasia
I-A1328 I-Z16969 About 1,800 years ago Eurasia I-A1328
I-A13294 I-S4774 TBD Eurasia
I-A1348 I-FGC23286 TBD Eurasia
I-A1357 I-A1348 TBD Eurasia
I-A13627 I-A11749 TBD Eurasia
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