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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
B-BY36569 B-Y96437 TBD Africa
B-BY36570 B-BY17160 TBD Africa
B-BY41082 B-Y104652 TBD Africa B-Y131111
B-BY41083 B-BY20750 TBD Africa B-Y89212
B-BY50749 B-M989 TBD Africa
B-BY78400 B-FGC53333 TBD Africa
B-CTS12229 B-V83 TBD Africa
B-CTS1388 B-M181 TBD Africa B-M8633
B-FGC26934 B-M5868 TBD Africa B-Y21912
B-FGC33888 B-V83 TBD Africa
B-FGC51153 B-BY18778 TBD Africa
B-FGC51184 B-FGC51153 TBD Africa
B-FGC51421 B-FGC51424 TBD Africa
B-FGC51424 B-M989 TBD Africa
B-FGC53333 B-FGC53352 TBD Africa
B-FGC53336 B-FGC53362 About 300 years ago Africa B-FGC53336
B-FGC53343 B-FGC51424 About 3,500 years ago Africa B-FGC53343
B-FGC53352 B-FGC53353 About 2,300 years ago Africa B-FGC53352
B-FGC53353 B-Y22728 TBD Africa
B-FGC53362 B-FGC53333 About 300 years ago Africa B-FGC53362
B-M112 B-M182 About 58,600 years ago Africa B-M112
B-M150 B-M182 About 58,600 years ago Africa B-M150
B-M152 B-M218 TBD Africa
B-M181 BT-M42 TBD Africa
B-M182 B-CTS1388 About 83,600 years ago Africa B-M182
B-M218 B-M150 TBD Africa
B-M236 B-M181 TBD Africa
B-M43 B-M218 TBD Africa
B-M5856 B-M5868 TBD Africa
B-M5868 B-M152 TBD Africa
B-M6485 B-M6557 TBD Africa
B-M6557 B-M112 TBD Africa
B-M7650 B-M8500 TBD Africa
B-M8350 B-M8362 TBD Africa
B-M8362 B-M8500 TBD Africa
B-M8498 B-M112 About 45,700 years ago Africa B-M8498
B-M8500 B-M8498 TBD Africa
B-M989 B-M152 TBD Africa
B-PF4284 B-M152 TBD Africa
B-SK301 B-M5856 TBD Africa
B-SK307 B-V83 TBD Africa
B-V1108 B-M236 TBD Africa B-V1108
B-V83 B-M5856 TBD Africa
B-Y104652 B-FGC53353 About 2,300 years ago Africa B-Y104652
B-Y108516 B-BY17156 About 500 years ago Africa B-Y108516
B-Y22728 B-FGC53343 About 3,500 years ago Africa B-Y22728
B-Y90404 B-Y96437 TBD Africa
B-Y90890 B-BY16855 About 800 years ago Africa B-Y90890
B-Y96024 B-BY20741 About 1,400 years ago Africa B-Y96024
B-Y96437 B-BY36570 TBD Africa
BT-M42 A-V221 TBD Africa BT
C-BY1117 C-Y12152 TBD TBD
C-BY1360 C-P39 TBD TBD
C-BY1463 C-V20 TBD TBD
C-BY182928 C-F5481 TBD TBD
C-BY18405 C-BY736 TBD TBD
C-BY18686 C-Y12782 TBD TBD
C-BY18743 C-Y15552 TBD TBD
C-BY22870 C-BY18405 TBD TBD
C-BY56585 C-BY99627 TBD TBD
C-BY62016 C-F9765 TBD TBD
C-BY63635 C-F1906 TBD TBD
C-BY825 C-BY1360 TBD TBD
C-BY99627 C-Z22425 TBD TBD
C-CTS10762 C-F1067 TBD TBD
C-CTS10923 C-F845 TBD TBD
C-CTS11037 C-F1067 TBD TBD
C-CTS11043 C-F3393 About 47,300 years ago TBD C-CTS11043
C-CTS11058 C-M131 TBD TBD
C-CTS11990 C-CTS2657 TBD TBD C-Z18177
C-CTS2123 C-CTS10923 TBD TBD
C-CTS2657 C-CTS4021 About 10,100 years ago TBD C-CTS2657
C-CTS4021 C-CTS10762 TBD TBD
C-CTS5490 C-CTS11058 TBD TBD
C-CTS8579 C-CTS11990 About 8,000 years ago TBD C-CTS8579
C-CTS8629 C-F6346 TBD TBD
C-F10216 C-F4002 TBD TBD
C-F1067 C-M217 About 34,000 years ago TBD C-F1067
C-F11611 C-M48 TBD TBD
C-F12439 C-F3830 About 3,700 years ago TBD C-F12439
C-F12970 C-F5485 TBD TBD
C-F1319 C-K700 About 9,700 years ago TBD C-F1319
C-F1628 C-BY1463 TBD TBD
C-F1756 C-F4015 About 13,100 years ago TBD C-F1756
C-F1906 C-M217 TBD TBD
C-F1918 C-F6301 About 14,000 years ago TBD C-F1918
C-F2642 C-M38 TBD TBD
C-F3393 C-M216 About 48,400 years ago TBD C-F3393
C-F3830 C-F1756 About 5,200 years ago TBD C-F3830
C-F3850 C-M407 About 4,200 years ago TBD C-F3850
C-F3909 C-F9765 TBD TBD
C-F3918 C-F6301 About 14,500 years ago TBD C-F3918
C-F4002 C-F1918 TBD TBD
C-F4015 C-F3918 TBD TBD
C-F5481 C-F10216 TBD TBD
C-F5485 C-F6379 TBD TBD
C-F6301 C-F1906 TBD TBD
C-F6346 C-CTS8579 TBD TBD
C-F6379 C-F11611 TBD TBD
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