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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
G-Z27567 G-Z16775 About 4,600 years ago Eurasia G-Z27567
G-Z28113 G-Y32612 TBD Eurasia
G-Z29313 G-BY21464 TBD Eurasia
G-Z29424 G-S9751 About 3,100 years ago Eurasia G-Z29424
G-Z30503 G-BY28175 About 11,600 years ago Eurasia G-Z30503
G-Z30527 G-L140 TBD Eurasia G-Z30527
G-Z30708 G-BY1433 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30715 G-FGC21495 About 3,600 years ago Eurasia G-Z30715
G-Z30723 G-Z30725 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30725 G-BY28089 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30728 G-Z30742 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30739 G-FGC34823 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30742 G-Z30739 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30744 G-Z18728 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia G-Z30744
G-Z30771 G-Z6150 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30781 G-BY47669 About 3,100 years ago Eurasia G-Z30781
G-Z30787 G-S23438 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30791 G-Y31002 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30793 G-Z30814 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30814 G-PF3296 TBD Eurasia
G-Z30831 G-Z44912 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31206 G-Z16670 About 900 years ago Eurasia G-Z31206
G-Z31214 G-FGC64954 About 900 years ago Eurasia G-Z31214
G-Z31271 G-BY37100 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31300 G-FGC23441 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31316 G-Y11076 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31329 G-Z42514 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31333 G-Z31336 About 1,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z31333
G-Z31336 G-L43 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31339 G-Z17394 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31343 G-Z34079 About 2,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z31343
G-Z31348 G-Z45474 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31358 G-Z24316 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31377 G-CTS12777 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31423 G-PF3430 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31428 G-Z6778 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31455 G-FGC693 TBD Eurasia
G-Z31459 G-Z7962 About 4,300 years ago Eurasia G-Z31459
G-Z31461 G-Z31459 About 3,300 years ago Eurasia G-Z31461
G-Z31464 G-Z6554 About 9,500 years ago Eurasia G-Z31464
G-Z31842 G-Z17394 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia G-Z31842
G-Z31846 G-Z40867 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia G-Z31846
G-Z3353 G-BY1124 About 13,300 years ago Eurasia G-Z3353
G-Z34079 G-Z17394 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia G-Z34079
G-Z34083 G-Z34079 TBD Eurasia
G-Z34087 G-Z34083 TBD Eurasia
G-Z3428 G-CTS7045 About 4,500 years ago Eurasia G-Z3428
G-Z3520 G-L640 TBD Eurasia
G-Z35447 G-Z31464 TBD Eurasia
G-Z3571 G-Z3428 TBD Eurasia
G-Z36163 G-FGC23441 TBD Eurasia
G-Z36217 G-Z726 TBD Eurasia
G-Z36520 G-PF3146 About 11,900 years ago Eurasia G-Z36520
G-Z36525 G-Z36520 About 10,600 years ago Eurasia G-Z36525
G-Z37368 G-Z17886 About 6,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z37368
G-Z37375 G-Z37368 TBD Eurasia
G-Z37567 G-BY37086 TBD Eurasia
G-Z37851 G-Z31842 TBD Eurasia
G-Z37856 G-Z31842 TBD Eurasia
G-Z38302 G-PF3346 TBD Eurasia
G-Z38837 G-PF6860 TBD Eurasia
G-Z38846 G-L1263 About 2,500 years ago Eurasia G-Z38846
G-Z38853 G-Y19318 About 1,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z38853
G-Z38875 G-Z6764 About 3,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z38875
G-Z39088 G-Z27264 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39263 G-PF3345 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39308 G-Z39310 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39310 G-Z6885 About 11,300 years ago Eurasia G-Z39310
G-Z39367 G-PF3345 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39373 G-Z6764 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39499 G-Z39501 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39501 G-YSC0000033 About 3,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z39501
G-Z39504 G-F1300 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39531 G-Z39088 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39534 G-Z27264 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39670 G-Z27567 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia G-Z39670
G-Z39673 G-Z39674 About 1,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z39673
G-Z39674 G-Z39670 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39685 G-Z39688 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39688 G-Z39673 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39689 G-Z39673 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39694 G-Z39673 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39698 G-Z27567 TBD Eurasia
G-Z39863 G-Z727 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40367 G-PF3345 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40458 G-Z30503 About 7,400 years ago Eurasia G-Z40458
G-Z40472 G-Y20834 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40538 G-Z39670 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40740 G-Z6911 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40765 G-FGC8303 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40798 G-Y11076 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40850 G-Z40854 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40854 G-L42 About 3,600 years ago Eurasia G-Z40854
G-Z40857 G-FGC490 TBD Eurasia
G-Z40867 G-FGC807 TBD Eurasia
G-Z41143 G-S18765 TBD Eurasia
G-Z41144 G-Z41143 TBD Eurasia
G-Z41181 G-Z41184 TBD Eurasia
G-Z41184 G-Z45255 TBD Eurasia
G-Z41276 G-BY21824 TBD Eurasia
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