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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
R-ZS349 R-Z16854 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS3700 R-BY490 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4576 R-ZS4584 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4578 R-ZS4576 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4581 R-S5982 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4584 R-ZS4581 About 2,000 years ago Eurasia R-ZS4584
R-ZS4590 R-BY2876 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4598 R-ZS4608 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4606 R-L362 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4608 R-ZS4606 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS4817 R-Z198 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS5207 R-M2775 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS5528 R-A5869 TBD Eurasia
R-ZS5789 R-A8469 About 5,000 years ago Eurasia R-ZS5789
R-ZS8379 R-DF105 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia R-ZS8379
R-ZW02 R-ZW04 TBD Eurasia
R-ZW04 R-ZW06 TBD Eurasia
R-ZW05 R-Z17909 TBD Eurasia
R-ZW06 R-ZW05 TBD Eurasia
R-ZW10 R-ZW02 TBD Eurasia
R-ZW14 R-ZW02 TBD Eurasia
R-ZW22 R-ZW04 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ1_1 R-FGC3213 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ10_1 R-DF13 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ11 R-P312 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ12_1 R-DF27 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ19_1 R-FGC78762 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ23 R-FGC3215 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ25 R-Y12464 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ29_1 R-Z2961 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ31_1 R-Z17669 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ32_1 R-FGC3899 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ33_1 R-ZP18 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ34_1 R-FGC5659 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ36 R-DF97 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ37_1 R-FGC84729 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ38_1 R-ZZ37_1 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ40_1 R-FGC83504 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ41 R-FGC78762 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ44_1 R-FGC11134 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ46_1 R-ZZ44_1 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ48_1 R-L2 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ5_1 R-Z2534 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ50_1 R-ZS4598 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ52 R-Z38845 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ6_1 R-FGC3268 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ69_1 R-Z36750 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ7_1 R-BY519 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ79 R-FGC3215 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ8_1 R-BY519 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ80 R-Z39589 TBD Eurasia
R-ZZ9_1 R-Z16434 TBD Eurasia
S-BY20008 S-Z33355 TBD Southeast Asia
S-M226 S-M254 TBD Southeast Asia S-M226
S-M230 S-Z33355 About 44,600 years ago Southeast Asia S-M230
S-M254 S-M230 TBD Southeast Asia
S-P307 S-Z33355 TBD Southeast Asia
S-Z33355 K-YSC0000186 TBD Southeast Asia
T-B386 T-BY28589 TBD TBD
T-BY103480 T-BY28279 TBD TBD
T-BY11516 T-BY28600 TBD TBD
T-BY11518 T-BY91852 TBD TBD
T-BY11520 T-Y28905 TBD TBD
T-BY164280 T-Y55044 TBD TBD
T-BY174864 T-Y20705 TBD TBD
T-BY176733 T-FGC30203 TBD TBD
T-BY178695 T-Z41760 TBD TBD
T-BY180743 T-BY178695 TBD TBD
T-BY188771 T-Y144483 TBD TBD
T-BY28249 T-Y8849 About 600 years ago TBD T-BY28249
T-BY28259 T-Y21204 TBD TBD
T-BY28265 T-Z709 TBD TBD
T-BY28269 T-BY11516 TBD TBD
T-BY28279 T-CTS6280 TBD TBD
T-BY28287 T-Y34308 TBD TBD
T-BY28299 T-BY28603 TBD TBD
T-BY28319 T-Y9109 TBD TBD
T-BY28353 T-Y16244 TBD TBD
T-BY28451 T-CTS2214 TBD TBD
T-BY28564 T-BY28287 About 600 years ago TBD T-BY28564
T-BY28571 T-Y15128 TBD TBD
T-BY28572 T-CTS6507 TBD TBD
T-BY28573 T-Y29991 TBD TBD
T-BY28585 T-Y15130 TBD TBD
T-BY28589 T-BY28572 TBD TBD
T-BY28599 T-Y19367 TBD TBD
T-BY28600 T-PH141 TBD TBD
T-BY28603 T-Y8852 TBD TBD
T-BY30127 T-BY28249 About 300 years ago TBD T-BY30127
T-BY30138 T-Y6409 TBD TBD
T-BY30157 T-BY28573 TBD TBD
T-BY31171 T-BY28451 TBD TBD
T-BY31185 T-BY31193 About 4,900 years ago TBD T-BY31185
T-BY31187 T-Y11596 TBD TBD
T-BY31189 T-Y7468 TBD TBD
T-BY31193 T-Y16247 TBD TBD
T-BY31213 T-BY31187 TBD TBD T-BY31213
T-BY31798 T-Y13309 TBD TBD
T-BY31799 T-BY31798 TBD TBD
T-BY32654 T-BY31213 TBD TBD T-BY32654
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