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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
G-FGC33963 G-FGC249 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC34451 G-PF3148 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC34625 G-PF3177 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC348 G-L640 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC34822 G-Z30739 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC34823 G-Y13112 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC35913 G-BY764 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC35915 G-FGC35913 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC3768 G-Z7940 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC46568 G-CTS5990 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC46570 G-FGC46568 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC46784 G-Z31206 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC477 G-Z727 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC486 G-FGC490 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC490 G-Z6748 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC50490 G-Z31464 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC5081 G-FGC5089 About 7,800 years ago Eurasia G-FGC5081
G-FGC5089 G-PF3299 About 8,700 years ago Eurasia G-FGC5089
G-FGC52622 G-Z31423 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC55702 G-FGC32409 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC5672 G-L166 About 6,700 years ago Eurasia G-FGC5672
G-FGC57326 G-Y11076 About 3,500 years ago Eurasia G-FGC57326
G-FGC58107 G-M286 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC58137 G-FGC6627 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC60011 G-CTS4803 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC63509 G-CTS7045 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC64954 G-Z16713 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC65058 G-CTS342 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC65061 G-FGC65058 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC6618 G-FGC6713 About 7,400 years ago Eurasia G-FGC6618
G-FGC6627 G-FGC6669 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC6669 G-FGC2263 About 10,800 years ago Eurasia G-FGC6669
G-FGC6713 G-FGC6627 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC67660 G-FGC64954 About 900 years ago Eurasia G-FGC67660
G-FGC67663 G-FGC67660 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC693 G-Z6554 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC713 G-Z6638 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC715 G-FGC693 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC719 G-Z7940 About 4,300 years ago Eurasia G-FGC719
G-FGC7477 G-Z26414 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC766 G-FGC713 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC807 G-Z727 About 4,600 years ago Eurasia G-FGC807
G-FGC8303 G-Y3098 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC8327 G-FGC8354 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC8354 G-FGC8303 TBD Eurasia
G-FGC839 G-FGC807 TBD Eurasia
G-GG095 G-BY2125 TBD Eurasia
G-GG200 G-GG313 TBD Eurasia
G-GG265 G-GG270 About 6,900 years ago Eurasia G-GG265
G-GG270 G-GG272 TBD Eurasia
G-GG272 G-GG313 About 9,200 years ago Eurasia G-GG272
G-GG313 G-BY1124 About 13,300 years ago Eurasia G-GG313
G-GG362 G-Z3353 About 13,300 years ago Eurasia G-GG362
G-L1259 G-P15 About 18,100 years ago Eurasia G-L1259
G-L1263 G-Z29424 About 3,100 years ago Eurasia G-L1263
G-L1264 G-L1266 About 7,600 years ago Eurasia G-L1264
G-L1266 G-U1 About 10,500 years ago Eurasia G-L1266
G-L13 G-U1 About 10,500 years ago Eurasia G-L13
G-L1323 G-L1324 About 4,800 years ago Eurasia G-L1323
G-L1324 G-Z3353 About 13,300 years ago Eurasia G-L1324
G-L14 G-FGC5081 About 7,800 years ago Eurasia G-L14
G-L140 G-P303 About 11,600 years ago Eurasia G-L140
G-L141 G-L30 TBD Eurasia
G-L166 G-PF3239 About 6,900 years ago Eurasia G-L166
G-L201 G-L1324 About 4,800 years ago Eurasia G-L201
G-L30 G-L1259 About 16,700 years ago Eurasia G-L30
G-L42 G-L43 About 3,700 years ago Eurasia G-L42
G-L43 G-CTS2230 About 4,600 years ago Eurasia G-L43
G-L497 G-PF3345 About 10,700 years ago Eurasia G-L497
G-L640 G-CTS7045 About 4,500 years ago Eurasia G-L640
G-L645 G-Z17887 About 6,600 years ago Eurasia G-L645
G-L654 G-Z44222 TBD Eurasia
G-L660 G-FGC12126 About 7,900 years ago Eurasia G-L660
G-L667 G-Z41143 TBD Eurasia
G-L830 G-M285 About 18,500 years ago Eurasia G-L830
G-L89 G-M201 TBD Eurasia
G-L91 G-FGC2263 About 10,800 years ago Eurasia G-L91
G-M147 G-Z1817 TBD Eurasia
G-M201 F-M89 TBD Eurasia
G-M278 G-BY28175 About 11,600 years ago Eurasia G-M278
G-M283 G-BY764 TBD Eurasia G-M283
G-M285 G-M201 TBD Eurasia
G-M286 G-FGC58137 About 7,000 years ago Eurasia G-M286
G-M310 G-F2214 TBD Eurasia
G-M3240 G-M3422 TBD Eurasia
G-M3302 G-FGC5089 About 7,800 years ago Eurasia G-M3302
G-M3422 G-M3302 TBD Eurasia
G-M377 G-PF5721 About 19,900 years ago Eurasia G-M377
G-M406 G-L30 About 14,400 years ago Eurasia G-M406
G-M7109 G-YSC0000033 TBD Eurasia
G-P15 G-L89 About 20,800 years ago Eurasia G-P15
G-P303 G-L141 About 14,400 years ago Eurasia G-P303
G-PF3143 G-PF3230 TBD Eurasia
G-PF3146 G-L1259 TBD Eurasia
G-PF3148 G-PF3146 About 11,900 years ago Eurasia G-PF3148
G-PF3158 G-PF3143 TBD Eurasia
G-PF3177 G-PF3148 About 11,400 years ago Eurasia G-PF3177
G-PF3222 G-FGC2263 TBD Eurasia
G-PF3230 G-PF3239 TBD Eurasia
G-PF3239 G-Z6488 About 10,100 years ago Eurasia G-PF3239
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