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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
R-F5626 R-BY36464 TBD Eurasia
R-F6517 R-BY16457 TBD Eurasia
R-F9497 R-Z29546 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10116 R-FGC10125 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10118 R-FGC10120 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10120 R-FGC10122 About 600 years ago Eurasia R-FGC10120
R-FGC10122 R-FGC10124 About 900 years ago Eurasia R-FGC10122
R-FGC10124 R-FGC10116 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10125 R-L1065 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10247 R-FGC10249 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10248 R-L493 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia R-FGC10248
R-FGC10249 R-FGC10248 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia R-FGC10249
R-FGC10360 R-Y1392 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10367 R-Z8168 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10530 R-FGC10543 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10536 R-FGC10530 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10543 R-ZZ48_1 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC1058 R-ZZ50_1 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC10641 R-YP266 About 1,100 years ago Eurasia R-FGC10641
R-FGC111 R-F1345 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11134 R-DF13 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11134
R-FGC11145 R-BY2877 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11152 R-FGC11145 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11179 R-ZP58 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11220 R-CTS4299 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11225 R-FGC11245 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11245 R-FGC11220 About 2,800 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11245
R-FGC11271 R-FGC11272 About 3,400 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11271
R-FGC11272 R-FGC11293 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11293 R-ZZ46_1 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11293
R-FGC11336 R-L1336 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11358 R-S5488 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11380 R-Z2571 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11397 R-FGC11380 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11414 R-FGC11397 About 1,600 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11414
R-FGC11419 R-FGC11414 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11555 R-L1280 About 2,200 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11555
R-FGC11577 R-L2 About 4,400 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11577
R-FGC11662 R-S5520 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11672 R-FGC11662 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11674 R-FGC11672 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11768 R-FGC11773 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11773 R-FGC11784 About 1,600 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11773
R-FGC11784 R-Z343 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11784
R-FGC11788 R-Z16386 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11833 R-DF88 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11844 R-FGC11833 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11896 R-YP326 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11932 R-Z29558 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC11986 R-BY43237 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia R-FGC11986
R-FGC11991 R-Z18106 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12057 R-Z8175 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12058 R-S18890 About 2,200 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12058
R-FGC12059 R-FGC12058 TBD Eurasia R-FGC12059
R-FGC12183 R-Y7082 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12290 R-FGC12295 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12293 R-FGC12296 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12295 R-DC28 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12296 R-FGC12290 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12305 R-DF89 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12307 R-FGC12305 About 2,300 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12307
R-FGC12309 R-FGC12307 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12312 R-FGC12309 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12346 R-FGC49702 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12346
R-FGC12364 R-S16265 About 3,500 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12364
R-FGC12378 R-Z12222 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12384 R-FGC12401 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12384
R-FGC12401 R-FGC12378 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12414 R-FGC11986 About 3,700 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12414
R-FGC12586 R-P267 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12770 R-BY30721 About 2,800 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12770
R-FGC12771 R-FGC12773 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12773 R-FGC12774 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12774 R-FGC12775 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12775 R-FGC12791 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12791 R-DF89 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12948 R-FGC4077 About 1,700 years ago Eurasia R-FGC12948
R-FGC12950 R-FGC12948 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12983 R-FGC12995 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC12993 R-S5245 TBD Eurasia R-FGC12993
R-FGC12995 R-FGC12993 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13014 R-FGC13024 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13015 R-FGC13038 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13023 R-DF41 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13024 R-FGC13023 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13038 R-FGC13014 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13109 R-FGC78763 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13125 R-FGC13133 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13133 R-FGC13109 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13167 R-S15663 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13170 R-FGC13171 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13171 R-FGC13167 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13192 R-FGC13203 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13201 R-FGC13219 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13203 R-P267 About 10,600 years ago Eurasia R-FGC13203
R-FGC13219 R-F1758 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13235 R-BY14642 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13300 R-S19268 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13304 R-S9793 TBD Eurasia
R-FGC13314 R-P89 TBD Eurasia
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