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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
R-DC456 R-DC1 TBD Eurasia
R-DC46 R-DC39 TBD Eurasia
R-DC464 R-DC28 TBD Eurasia
R-DC47 R-DC46 TBD Eurasia
R-DC470 R-DC362 TBD Eurasia
R-DC482 R-DC470 TBD Eurasia
R-DC495 R-DC35 TBD Eurasia
R-DC50 R-BY4102 TBD Eurasia
R-DC505 R-DC109 TBD Eurasia
R-DC512 R-DC87 TBD Eurasia
R-DC55 R-DC50 TBD Eurasia
R-DC63 R-FGC79628 TBD Eurasia
R-DC69 R-FGC5660 TBD Eurasia
R-DC70 R-L226 TBD Eurasia
R-DC709 R-ZZ34_1 TBD Eurasia
R-DC717 R-DC464 TBD Eurasia
R-DC722 R-DC377 TBD Eurasia
R-DC728 R-DC135 TBD Eurasia
R-DC735 R-DC362 TBD Eurasia
R-DC782 R-DC33 TBD Eurasia
R-DC812 R-DC104 TBD Eurasia
R-DC815 R-DC709 TBD Eurasia
R-DC818 R-DC815 TBD Eurasia
R-DC858 R-PH184 TBD Eurasia
R-DC866 R-DC201 TBD Eurasia
R-DC868 R-DC866 TBD Eurasia
R-DC87 R-FGC79628 TBD Eurasia
R-DC877 R-PH184 TBD Eurasia
R-DC889 R-BY39756 TBD Eurasia
R-DC9 R-Z17669 TBD Eurasia
R-DC901 R-FGC5628 TBD Eurasia
R-DC918 R-BY4103 TBD Eurasia
R-DC936 R-DC40 TBD Eurasia
R-DC966 R-ZZ34_1 TBD Eurasia
R-DC977 R-DC495 TBD Eurasia
R-DC993 R-DC9 TBD Eurasia
R-DF101 R-Z346 About 3,000 years ago Eurasia R-DF101
R-DF102 R-S1726 About 2,400 years ago Eurasia R-DF102
R-DF103 R-L2 TBD Eurasia
R-DF104 R-S658 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia R-DF104
R-DF105 R-DF104 TBD Eurasia
R-DF110 R-L2 TBD Eurasia
R-DF13 R-L21 About 4,200 years ago Eurasia R-DF13
R-DF17 R-Z274 About 4,500 years ago Eurasia R-DF17
R-DF19 R-P312 About 4,500 years ago Eurasia R-DF19
R-DF21 R-DF13 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia R-DF21
R-DF23 R-Z2976 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia R-DF23
R-DF25 R-Z246 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia R-DF25
R-DF27 R-ZZ11 About 4,500 years ago Eurasia R-DF27
R-DF41 R-Z39589 TBD Eurasia
R-DF49 R-Z39589 About 4,100 years ago Eurasia R-DF49
R-DF5 R-DF25 About 3,900 years ago Eurasia R-DF5
R-DF63 R-L21 About 4,200 years ago Eurasia R-DF63
R-DF73 R-Z2189 About 2,800 years ago Eurasia R-DF73
R-DF79 R-ZZ12_1 About 4,700 years ago Eurasia R-DF79
R-DF81 R-ZZ12_1 About 4,400 years ago Eurasia R-DF81
R-DF83 R-FGC49020 About 4,400 years ago Eurasia R-DF83
R-DF84 R-CTS11567 TBD Eurasia
R-DF85 R-DF105 About 1,900 years ago Eurasia R-DF85
R-DF88 R-DF19 About 4,700 years ago Eurasia R-DF88
R-DF89 R-S15627 About 3,500 years ago Eurasia R-DF89
R-DF90 R-L2 About 4,400 years ago Eurasia R-DF90
R-DF93 R-U198 TBD Eurasia
R-DF94 R-DF93 About 3,400 years ago Eurasia R-DF94
R-DF96 R-BY12480 About 4,200 years ago Eurasia R-DF96
R-DF97 R-S668 About 1,600 years ago Eurasia R-DF97
R-DF98 R-Z304 About 4,200 years ago Eurasia R-DF98
R-DF99 R-FGC84729 About 4,500 years ago Eurasia R-DF99
R-E306 R-Y23202 TBD Eurasia
R-F1092 R-FGC13192 About 8,800 years ago Eurasia R-F1092
R-F110 R-L679 TBD Eurasia
R-F11175 R-S23592 TBD Eurasia
R-F11468 R-CTS11087 TBD Eurasia
R-F1214 R-Y9096 TBD Eurasia
R-F1265 R-S7814 TBD Eurasia
R-F12788 R-Z5054 TBD Eurasia
R-F1345 R-Z2122 About 4,700 years ago Eurasia R-F1345
R-F144 R-BY18695 TBD Eurasia
R-F14472 R-BY42688 TBD Eurasia
R-F15603 R-BY191188 TBD Eurasia
R-F1587 R-FGC34162 TBD Eurasia
R-F1758 R-F1092 About 6,800 years ago Eurasia R-F1758
R-F17715 R-S6353 TBD Eurasia
R-F17883 R-BY38485 TBD Eurasia
R-F1969 R-L1066 TBD Eurasia
R-F2083 R-S8183 TBD Eurasia
R-F24167 R-BY23559 TBD Eurasia
R-F24356 R-A159 TBD Eurasia
R-F24434 R-Z16267 TBD Eurasia
R-F2610 R-CTS9219 TBD Eurasia
R-F26142 R-BY28644 TBD Eurasia
R-F2686 R-YP940 About 1,500 years ago Eurasia R-F2686
R-F2735 R-CTS2142 TBD Eurasia
R-F2935 R-F1345 About 4,000 years ago Eurasia R-F2935
R-F3189 R-FGC29771 TBD Eurasia
R-F3539 R-JFS0012 TBD Eurasia
R-F3867 R-FGC21056 TBD Eurasia
R-F4006 R-L21 TBD Eurasia
R-F4142 R-Z3008 TBD Eurasia
R-F4239 R-A5616 TBD Eurasia
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