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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
E-S2972 E-Y3183 About 3,600 years ago TBD E-S2972
E-S2978 E-PH3589 About 3,400 years ago TBD E-S2978
E-S2979 E-Z5018 About 3,700 years ago TBD E-S2979
E-S3003 E-CTS5856 TBD TBD
E-S7461 E-BY3880 About 4,000 years ago TBD E-S7461
E-S9725 E-FGC11451 TBD TBD
E-S9747 E-S21355 About 5,500 years ago TBD E-S9747
E-SK1027 E-BY56509 TBD TBD
E-SK1733 E-Z22455 TBD TBD
E-SK1877 E-L17 TBD TBD
E-SK637 E-Z22359 TBD TBD
E-SK697 E-Z22601 TBD TBD
E-SK698 E-BY13750 TBD TBD
E-SK717 E-Z22005 TBD TBD
E-SK758 E-BY20836 TBD TBD
E-SK888 E-Z5016 TBD TBD
E-U174 E-M191 About 5,900 years ago TBD E-U174
E-U175 E-CTS229 About 9,100 years ago TBD E-U175
E-U181 E-U290 TBD TBD E-U181
E-U290 E-CTS2504 About 4,400 years ago TBD E-U290
E-V1008 E-V1517 TBD TBD
E-V1174 E-Y30984 About 2,200 years ago TBD E-V1174
E-V12 E-Z1902 About 11,900 years ago TBD E-V12
E-V1222 E-BY36927 TBD TBD
E-V13 E-L618 About 8,100 years ago TBD E-V13
E-V1517 E-M329 TBD TBD
E-V1617 E-V2727 TBD TBD
E-V1700 E-CTS11051 About 12,300 years ago TBD E-V1700
E-V1785 E-V1700 TBD TBD
E-V1994 E-V1008 TBD TBD
E-V2011 E-V1994 TBD TBD
E-V22 E-Z1919 About 12,000 years ago TBD E-V22
E-V2727 E-BY36927 TBD TBD
E-V32 E-FGC14378 About 10,000 years ago TBD E-V32
E-V38 E-P2 About 41,300 years ago TBD E-V38
E-V42 E-V1700 About 10,600 years ago TBD E-V42
E-V6 E-V1785 About 6,700 years ago TBD E-V6
E-V65 E-L67 About 8,700 years ago TBD E-V65
E-Y100401 E-A14039 TBD TBD
E-Y101552 E-BY20365 About 600 years ago TBD E-Y101552
E-Y102092 E-CTS11721 TBD TBD
E-Y10561 E-PF2469 About 8,800 years ago TBD E-Y10561
E-Y107211 E-BY10548 TBD TBD
E-Y107801 E-BY10521 About 900 years ago TBD E-Y107801
E-Y128054 E-BY36796 TBD TBD
E-Y128213 E-BY5423 About 900 years ago TBD E-Y128213
E-Y128258 E-A16692 About 800 years ago TBD E-Y128258
E-Y129143 E-Y128213 About 800 years ago TBD E-Y129143
E-Y130230 E-Y128258 About 400 years ago TBD E-Y130230
E-Y132363 E-BY5022 TBD TBD
E-Y132963 E-Y132991 TBD TBD
E-Y132991 E-BY8200 About 1,600 years ago TBD E-Y132991
E-Y133251 E-BY8350 TBD TBD
E-Y133784 E-Y128258 About 400 years ago TBD E-Y133784
E-Y134172 E-BY20365 About 600 years ago TBD E-Y134172
E-Y134343 E-BY28218 TBD TBD
E-Y134415 E-Y22842 About 800 years ago TBD E-Y134415
E-Y134440 E-BY36962 TBD TBD
E-Y140166 E-BY10908 TBD TBD
E-Y140679 E-Y6966 About 1,200 years ago TBD E-Y140679
E-Y142744 E-L241 TBD TBD
E-Y143882 E-Y82749 TBD TBD
E-Y144601 E-BY45625 TBD TBD
E-Y145585 E-BY36683 TBD TBD
E-Y146086 E-FGC11450 About 3,200 years ago TBD E-Y146086
E-Y14891 E-Y14899 About 7,500 years ago TBD E-Y14891
E-Y14899 E-Y5427 About 7,500 years ago TBD E-Y14899
E-Y154684 E-BY60391 About 1,400 years ago TBD E-Y154684
E-Y15558 E-S9747 TBD TBD
E-Y15561 E-Y6940 About 1,300 years ago TBD E-Y15561
E-Y15936 E-BY36962 About 1,000 years ago TBD E-Y15936
E-Y16161 E-BY45381 About 4,800 years ago TBD E-Y16161
E-Y16549 E-L674 About 1,700 years ago TBD E-Y16549
E-Y16563 E-FGC37425 About 1,500 years ago TBD E-Y16563
E-Y16713 E-Y16734 TBD TBD
E-Y16729 E-BY3880 About 4,000 years ago TBD E-Y16729
E-Y16733 E-Y16713 About 1,200 years ago TBD E-Y16733
E-Y16734 E-Y16729 TBD TBD
E-Y16781 E-Y14891 About 1,300 years ago TBD E-Y16781
E-Y17226 E-Y16781 TBD TBD
E-Y17227 E-Y17226 About 900 years ago TBD E-Y17227
E-Y17357 E-Y17227 About 900 years ago TBD E-Y17357
E-Y17710 E-Y7026 TBD TBD
E-Y17722 E-Z29042 TBD TBD
E-Y17749 E-FGC14398 About 4,100 years ago TBD E-Y17749
E-Y17750 E-BY7768 About 5,100 years ago TBD E-Y17750
E-Y17859 E-Z813 About 4,700 years ago TBD E-Y17859
E-Y18347 E-Y15936 TBD TBD
E-Y18361 E-Z5953 About 4,300 years ago TBD E-Y18361
E-Y18621 E-Y17227 About 900 years ago TBD E-Y18621
E-Y18637 E-BY8048 About 3,100 years ago TBD E-Y18637
E-Y18673 E-Y18675 TBD TBD
E-Y18675 E-A7136 TBD TBD
E-Y18691 E-Z21420 About 3,500 years ago TBD E-Y18691
E-Y18979 E-CTS67 About 3,000 years ago TBD E-Y18979
E-Y19509 E-BY3880 TBD TBD
E-Y19515 E-CTS9580 TBD TBD
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