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The Encyclopedia of Y-DNA Origins is a guide to what is known about each Y-DNA branch. Today, much of what we know is raw material from personal DNA testing, Geno 2.0 results, research samples, and published papers. This is built around the structure of the Y-DNA Haplotree at FTDNA. The encyclopedia brings the data from those sources together in a format that allows new knowledge of our maternal origins to emerge.

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Branch Parent Age Origin YFull Name
A-BY1075 A-BY813 TBD Africa A-Y7944
A-BY121794 A-BY36134 TBD Africa A-Y155188
A-BY1336 A-M13 TBD Africa A-YP4740
A-BY152308 A-FGC38354 TBD Africa A-Y151982
A-BY16209 A-BY2283 TBD Africa
A-BY16271 A-BY16209 TBD Africa
A-BY16272 A-BY16271 TBD Africa
A-BY16276 A-BY16272 TBD Africa
A-BY16291 A-V3800 About 3,000 years ago Africa A-BY16291
A-BY1807 A-BY1336 TBD Africa A-PF1069
A-BY18844 A-SK239 TBD Africa A-Y25085
A-BY2283 A-BY1807 TBD Africa A-Y30506
A-BY31569 A-BY1075 TBD Africa
A-BY36130 A-Y24715 TBD Africa
A-BY36134 A-BY36208 TBD Africa A-Y155188
A-BY36194 A-BY18844 TBD Africa
A-BY36197 A-PH4010 TBD Africa
A-BY36208 A-V1018 TBD Africa
A-BY56458 A-BY1336 TBD Africa
A-BY62892 A-Y37662 TBD Africa
A-BY67034 A-BY16209 TBD Africa
A-BY813 A-V25 TBD Africa A-Y7969
A-BY93322 A-BY121794 TBD Africa
A-FGC38354 A-PH4010 About 5,600 years ago Africa A-FGC38354
A-FGC47805 A-Y24715 About 400 years ago Africa A-FGC47805
A-FGC60340 A-PH856 TBD Africa A-FGC60342
A-L1088 A-PR2921 TBD Africa A00
A-L1090 A-PR2921 TBD Africa A0-T
A-L419 A-V221 TBD Africa A1b1
A-M13 A-M144 About 44,400 years ago Africa A-M13
A-M144 A-M32 TBD Africa A-Y20629
A-M31 A-V168 TBD Africa A1a
A-M32 A-L419 About 121,600 years ago Africa A-M32
A-M51 A-M144 About 54,100 years ago Africa A-M51
A-P114 A-V195 TBD Africa
A-PH241 A-Y32411 TBD Africa A-Y37658
A-PH4010 A-PH856 TBD Africa A-FGC38326
A-PH856 A-BY2283 TBD Africa A-V3663
A-PR2921 TBD Africa
A-S403 A-BY36208 TBD Africa A-Y146713
A-SK239 A-BY1807 TBD Africa A-Y26839
A-SK808 A-Y28045 About 100 years ago Africa A-SK808
A-V1018 A-M13 TBD Africa A-Y23655
A-V1446 A-Y23870 TBD Africa A-Y23658
A-V148 A-L1090 TBD Africa A0
A-V151 A-V158 TBD Africa A-V151
A-V158 A-V148 TBD Africa A-L1070
A-V168 A-L1090 TBD Africa A1
A-V169 A-V151 TBD Africa
A-V195 A-V169 TBD Africa
A-V221 A-V168 TBD Africa A1b
A-V25 A-M31 TBD Africa A1a
A-V3800 A-V1446 TBD Africa A-Y23862
A-V4185 A-V3800 TBD Africa
A-Y23870 A-V1018 TBD Africa
A-Y24715 A-Y24726 About 400 years ago Africa A-Y24715
A-Y24726 A-V4185 TBD Africa
A-Y28045 A-Y24715 About 400 years ago Africa A-Y28045
A-Y32411 A-V25 About 10,200 years ago Africa A-Y32411
A-Y37662 A-PH241 TBD Africa A-Y37659
A-Y37672 A-Y37662 TBD Africa A-Y37659
A-Y92096 A-V1446 About 4,600 years ago Africa A-Y92096
A-YP2683 A-L1088 TBD Africa A00b
B-BY15166 B-M5856 TBD Africa B-Y30926
B-BY16058 B-FGC53343 TBD Africa
B-BY16061 B-BY16065 TBD Africa
B-BY16065 B-BY17429 TBD Africa
B-BY16115 B-BY16119 About 7,200 years ago Africa B-BY16115
B-BY16119 B-BY15166 TBD Africa
B-BY16820 B-M8350 TBD Africa
B-BY16855 B-BY16820 About 900 years ago Africa B-BY16855
B-BY17031 B-BY16119 About 7,200 years ago Africa B-BY17031
B-BY17040 B-BY15166 TBD Africa
B-BY17041 B-BY17040 TBD Africa
B-BY17062 B-BY17041 About 3,300 years ago Africa B-BY17062
B-BY17065 B-BY17062 TBD Africa
B-BY17102 B-SK307 About 2,100 years ago Africa B-BY17102
B-BY17103 B-BY17105 TBD Africa
B-BY17105 B-SK307 TBD Africa
B-BY17156 B-BY16820 About 900 years ago Africa B-BY17156
B-BY17160 B-M8362 TBD Africa
B-BY17389 B-BY17429 TBD Africa
B-BY17395 B-BY17389 TBD Africa
B-BY17427 B-BY17395 About 2,600 years ago Africa B-BY17427
B-BY17429 B-FGC26934 TBD Africa
B-BY17581 B-BY16855 TBD Africa
B-BY17589 B-BY16065 TBD Africa
B-BY17603 B-FGC26934 TBD Africa
B-BY18451 B-M150 TBD Africa
B-BY18503 B-BY18451 TBD Africa
B-BY18762 B-BY17031 TBD Africa
B-BY18777 B-FGC26934 TBD Africa
B-BY18778 B-BY18777 TBD Africa
B-BY19521 B-BY17103 TBD Africa
B-BY19522 B-BY17603 About 2,000 years ago Africa B-BY19522
B-BY19524 B-BY36570 TBD Africa
B-BY19537 B-BY18762 TBD Africa
B-BY20741 B-BY17603 TBD Africa
B-BY20750 B-BY17389 TBD Africa
B-BY23171 B-BY17041 TBD Africa
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