///Download 23andMe Results

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Download 23andMe Results

These instructions are for the old version of 23andMe.

1) Go to the 23andMe website, and click the SIGN IN button at the top right.

23andMe mtDNA Results download 1

Click the SIGN IN button.

2) Login to your account by entering your email address and your password. Then click the sign in button.

23andMe mtDNA Results download 2

Enter your information and click sign in.

3) On the 23andMe homepage, click on your name to activate the account drop down menu. Then select the BROWSE RAW DATA option.

23andMe mtDNA Results download 3

Select Browse Raw Data.

4) On the next page, click on the DOWNLOAD link on the top right.

23andMe mtDNA Results download 4

Click Download.

5) Scroll down on the Download page and fill out your password, your secret question, select your profile, and pick a data set. The data set you select depends on the tool you are going to use.

23andMe mtDNA Results download 5

Fill out the form and click Download Data.

The file should automatically generate and download to your computer.

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