///DNA Survey – Haplogroup Basics

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DNA Survey – Haplogroup Basics

I am starting a DNA Survey series. I have two motivations. First, I believe in serving users wants. This Haplogroup site and the Haplogroup Facebook page see visitors from thousands of people every day. The more I know about you, the better I can serve you. Second, I believe in transparency. To me, that means I should share anonymous information Facebook and Google Analytics makes available to me and I use with you. Further, when I have quizzes and surveys, I should share the results.

In short, we should all have fun and learn together.

Google Analytics and Haplogroup.org

Google Analytics tells me how many people visit the Haplogroup website, how much time they spend on it, and aggregated information about them. That information includes their country and the default language set on their computer.

This is the Google Analytics homepage.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

On the far left, is navigation. In the middle, is a chart showing trends over time. I have it set to show users over the past twelve months. The solid blue line is the last twelve months and the dashed blue line is the previous year. On the far right, is current website traffic and the pages currently being used.

This is the map from the page that shows users locations (time-frame the last year).

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

This is the table of the ten highest frequency locations from the same page.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

Thus, it is clear that website traffic is biased toward the United States followed by the United Kingdom. I believe the genetic genealogy industry is the same unfortunately.

Google Analytics can also show some information about age, gender, and personal interests. I just turned that on, so I will need to share it in another post in a few weeks.

Facebook Insights

Facebook provides a different set of analytics about page visitors. As of today, the Haplogroup page has 5,629 followers.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

Facebook's country demographics are limited to current engagement. This makes them highly variable from one post to the next. Facebook's gender and age information is fairly consistent though and interesting.

These are page followers.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

This is post engagement compared to page followers.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

It is pretty clear that not only do women over 54 dominate the page's followers, they are an even large percentage of those who actively engage with page posts.

The first DNA Survey

I ran this survey over a month ago and gave it some time to collect results.

The first questions was, “Have you taken a DNA test.” As one would expect, most said yes.

Yes = 97.2%
No = 2.8%

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

The second question was, “What companies have you used?” The question was open to multiple companies, as many people test at several and even all. The group clearly has a bias toward first Family Tree DNA and second Ancestry.com for DNA testing. This is interesting as Ancestry leads in autosomal DNA testing numbers right now.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

The third question was, “What interests you about your results?” This also allowed multiple selections. There is definitely a preference here for genealogy results followed distantly by ethnic percentages and anthropology.

DNA Survey - Haplogroup Basics

In my next DNA Survey post, I plan to talk about the genetic genealogy community's opinion of what defines a small DNA Segment. Meanwhile, below is a list of open surveys. If you have ideas for other surveys, please comment.

Open Surveys:

  • DNA Survey – What Is a Small DNA Segment?
  • DNA Survey – DNA Triangulation
  • DNA Survey – Neanderthal DNA
  • DNA Survey – In Common With Comparisons
  • DNA Survey – Timeline Surveys
  • DNA Survey – DNA Projects
  • DNA Survey – Chromosome Mapping
  • DNA Survey – The Best Thing About Ancestry's DNA Tools
  • DNA Survey – The Best Thing About 23andMe's DNA Relatives Tools
  • DNA Survey – The Best Thing About FTDNA's Family Finder Tools
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