DNA Survey - Triangulation 2

DNA Survey – DNA Triangulation

Initial results are in for the next survey in my DNA Survey series.

Sometimes it is clear at the beginning of a project that something has gone wrong. As you progress, the problem becomes more clear. Stopping though is not an option. You just keep going, make the best of it, and learn.

This has been the case with the DNA Segment Triangulation survey.

So, what went wrong? Well, the majority of people who clicked through on the survey did not complete it.

The post was shown to 8,688 people, 490 clicked through on it, and only 101 completed it. That is, of those who clicked through, 79.38% did not complete it. The survey was two questions, so length is not the likely cause.

Looking back on the Small DNA Segment survey, it took 214 post clicks to get to 112 completed surveys. That is 47.66% who did not complete that survey.

Something then changed. What broke is not clear. Since I really need as many participants as possible, that means that my next form survey will be on a different platform.

Now for results…


When I closed the survey, 101 people (n=101) had taken it. The first question was,

Do you use DNA Triangulation with your matches?

63.4% answered Yes, and 36.6% answered No.

DNA Survey - Triangulation 2

The second question was,

Do you consider the above a relevant question for genealogy?

On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 was low and 5 was high, the average (mean) result was 4.2.


Participation has been much appreciated. My next survey will be on a new platform, and I will write more about that soon. A majority of survey takers are using DNA Segment Triangulation for genealogy. Further, most feel that the question was relevant.

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