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Gencove is a DNA testing service created by Tomaz Berisa, Kaja Wasik, and Joe Pickrell. You can join either by uploading your autosomal DNA results from another testing company (FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, GenesforGood) or by ordering a DNA test from Gencove. This tutorial covers the first steps in creating an account with an existing autosomal DNA results file.

Before you start, you need to have your raw DNA results file from another company saved on your computer.

Step 1

Go to the Gencove website, and click the Upload DNA data link.

The Gencove website
The Gencove website

Step 2

Fill out your information on the form. Their site policies indicate that it does not have to be your real name or regular email address.

The Gencove sign up page.
Sign up page.

Step 3

You will be taken to your new Gencove account. Click on the Upload Data link.

Upload your data.
Upload data.

Step 4

Read through the consent for research, and decide if you wish to participate.

The Gencove consent for research.
Gencove research.

Step 5

Click on either the I’m older than 18 and I consent button or the No Thanks button.

Consent or No Thanks
Consent or No Thanks

Step 6

Click the Upload file button.

Upload results file.
Upload results file.

Step 7

Locate your raw data on your computer. Select it for upload.

Select your file from your computer.
Your file.

Step 8

This takes you to a page that shows your file is processing.

Your file is processing.
File processing.

Step 9

On the page, there are links to Gencove’s current tools.

The current Gencove tools.
Current Gencove tools.

Step 10

While your file is processing, check your email for the confirmation message. In the email, click the link to confirm your address.

Email confirmation.
Email confirmation.

Step 11

You will be taken to a page that shows your email has been confirmed. You can close this page, and go back to your email to check for a notice that your results are ready.

Gencove upload is complete.

Step 12

When your results are ready, Gencove sends another an email. Click the Go to Gencove button to begin using their tools.

Notification of completed results.
Notification of completed results.

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