Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup

Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) Haplogroups are the branches of the male tree of humans. This human tree reaches back to the earliest people. It even reaches back before there were humans. It can connect us to our primate cousins. These include gorillas and chimps.

Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) Haplogroups are studied in genetics and in genetic genealogy. The human Y-chromosome is the male sex chromosome. It contains the genetic code for male reproduction. The Y-chromosome is passed from father to son. Scientists study the Y-chromosome to find their recent and ancient migrations. Historians and genealogists study it too. They can make discoveries about historic figures and about family history.

How Y-DNA Haplogroups Are Defined

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How Y-DNA Haplogroups Are Named

In 2002, a group of scientists created a standard set of rules for naming haplogroups.

Y-DNA Tree Backbone

TreeBranch Name
Y-DNA Adam 

Major Y-DNA Haplogroups

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Sources & Resources

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