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Celebrity DNA

It is increasingly common for public figures and other famous people, celebrities, to DNA test. This is often done for TV shows such as Who Do You Think You Are and Finding Your Roots. Test results may be Y-DNA for the paternal line in men, mtDNA for the maternal line, or autosomal for ethnic percentages. X-DNA is tested with most autosomal DNA tests, but separate analysis is not currently done.

The people listed below are those who have had their own DNA tested while they are alive. For historic figures who researchers have tested after death, see the ancient DNA page.

Direct Tested Celebrity DNA

Ben Affleck Affleck is a US actor and film maker. His Y-DNA is J-M319 (under J2a). {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Sir David Attenborough Attenborough is a naturalist and TV personality in the United Kingdom. His Y-DNA is haplogroup E-M35.1 (formerly E1b1b1). {Source: Tree of Life}

Mario Batali Batali is an Italian American chef and TV personality. His mtDNA haplogroup is J1b3a. {Source: Faces of America}

Bono Bono is a singer and a song writer. He is known for being part of the band U2. His mtDNA halogroup is V. {Source: Finding Your Roots}


Jimmy Buffett Buffett is an American singer, song writer, and author. His Y-DNA is I-M253 (aka I1). His mtDNA is H3. {Source: 23andMe}

Warren Buffett Buffett is an American businessman and philanthropist. His Y-DNA is I-M253 (aka I1). His mtDNA is H4a. {Source: 23andMe}

Deepak Chopra Chopra is an Indian American author and part of the New Age movement. His Y-DNA is Q-M378 (previously Q1b). {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Stephen Colbert Colbert is a TV personality and an activist. His mtDNA haplogroup is K. {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Anderson Cooper Cooper is a US journalist. He is best known for his work on TV channel CNN. His Y-DNA is R-M420 (formerly R1a). {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Larry David David is an Jewish American actor and writer. He is known for his roll in creating the TV show Seinfeld. His Y-DNA is Q-M378 (previously Q1b). He almost surely belongs to a branch under Q-Y2200. His mtDNA haplogroup is K1a9. {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Robert John Downey Jr. Downey is a US TV and movie actor. His Y-DNA is R-M343 (formerly R1b). {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Malcolm Gladwell Gladwell is a journalist and the author of books on popular pyschology and sociology. His mtDNA haplogroup is L3f1. {Source: Faces of America}

Enda Kenny Kenny is an Irish politician. His Y-DNA is I-M223. {Source: Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2014 Conference}

Tony Kushner Kushner is a Jewish American screenwriter and and playwright. His Y-DNA is Q-M242 (Q). He almost surely belongs to a branch under Q-Y2200, as it is the lineage of all Ashkenazi Jewish Q men to date. {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Eva Longoria Longoria is an actress and a business woman. Her mtDNA haplogroup is A2 which is Native American. {Source: Faces of America}

Yo-Yo Ma Yo-Yo Ma is a Chinese-American cellist. His Y-DNA is O-M307.1 (formerly O1a1). His mtDNA is C. {Source: Faces of America}

Nelson Mandela Mandela was a South African politician and philanthropist. He helped end apartheid in South Africa. His Y-DNA is E-V38 (formerly E1b1a). His mtDNA haplogroup is L0d. {Source: University of the Witwatersrand}

Mike Nichols Nichols is a German American film and TV director and writer. His mtDNA haplogroup is K2a2a. {Source: Faces of America}

Queen Noor of Jordan Queen Noor was wife to King Hussein of Jordan before his death and is a human rights activist. Her mtDNA haplogroup is I2. {Source: Faces of America}

Dr. Mehmet Oz Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon and TV personality. His mtDNA haplogroup is H2a2. {Source: Faces of America}

Condoleezza Rice Rice is a former public official and diplomat. Her mtDNA haplogroup is L. {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Bernie Sanders Sanders is a US politician and advocate. His Y-DNA haplogroup is J-M410 (formerly J2a). His mtDNA is H11a. {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Susan Sarandon Sarandon is an actress and political advocate. Her mtDNA haplogroup is H. {Source: Coming Home}

Martha Stewart Stewart is an American lifestyle writer, TV personality, and businesswoman. Her mtDNA haplogroup is W6.  {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) Sting is an English rock musician. He is known for his roll in the band the Police from 1977 to 1984 and for his solo career. His Y-DNA haplogroup is I-M253 (formerly I1). {Source: Finding Your Roots}

Meryl Streep Streep is an American actress on stage, film, and TV. She is also a political activist. Her mtDNA haplogroup is K1b2b. {Source: Faces of America}

Craig Venter Venter is an early researcher who worked on sequencing the human genome. He is one of the first people to have his whole genome sequenced. His Y-DNA is R-U106. His mtDNA haplogroup is K1a3a. {Source: Wikipedia}

James D. Watson Watson is an early researcher who worked on sequencing the human genome. He is one of the first people to have his whole genome sequenced. His Y-DNA is R-U106. {Source: Wikipedia}

Sources & Resources

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