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CeCe Moore – DNA Detective, Genealogist, and Forensic Genealogist

CeCe Moore is a genetic genealogist. She works as an advocate for the field, as an unknown parentage researcher, and as a forensic genealogist. She works on the TV programs Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Roadshow. She has also been a guest on the TV shows 20/20, The Doctors, The Dr. Oz Show and CBS This Morning.

CeCe Moore - Early Picture

CeCe Moore – Early Picture

Genetic Genealogy Education

Moore has spoken at many genealogy conferences. She also helped found the Institute for Genetic Genealogy.

Genealogy DNA Projects

Ms. Moore has been involved with several DNA project. One of these is the Hemings/Jefferson Autosomal DNA Project. After her brother-in-law found African ancestry in his 23andMe test, Moore founded the project. Her brother-in-law is the direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.

Unknown Parentage Cases

CeCe Moore with Dr. Gates

CeCe Moore with Dr. Gates

Moore solves unknown parentage cases using methods from traditional genealogy, adoption search, and forensic genealogy.

The Paul Fronczak Case – As a child, Paul Fronczak was kidnapped. A child was found some time later and assumed to be him. However, DNA testing as an adult showed he was not Paul Fronczak. CeCe helped the man known as Paul Fronczak find the truth of his bioligical family. He is now searching for his missing twin sister.

The Benjaman Kyle Case – In 2004, a man was found badly beaten outside of a Berger King in Georgia. He suffered from dissociative amnesia and did not know his name. CeCe helped find his biological family. This has allowed him to reclaim his legal identity.

The Kayla Tovo Case – Kayla was a foundling in California. CeCe Moore was able to find both of her birth parents.

The Amy Cox Case – Known as Tulsa Fairgrounds foundling “May Belle” was a foundling. CeCe was able to identify her birth family.

DNA Detectives FB Group

Besides her own work, Moore founded the DNA Detectives group on Facebook. There, 99,000+ members work to solve their own and others' unknown parentage cases.

Forensic Genealogy

In 2018, Moore partnered with Parabon NanoLabs as part of their law enforcement support services. Parabon is a DNA testing company in Virginia. They provide DNA testing for drug development and law enforcement. With them, she has solved the following cases.

The Murder of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg – William Earl Talbott II has been arrested for the murder of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg. Cook and Cuylenborg were murdered in 1987.

The Sexual Assault and Murder of Christy Mirack – Raymond Rowe has been arrested for the assault and murder of Christy Mirack. Mirack was killed in 1992.

The Sexual Assault and Murder of Michella Welch – Gary Hartman has been arrested for the assault and murder of 12 year old Michella Welch. Welch was killed in 1986.

The Murder of Virginia Freeman – James Otto Earhart was identified as the murderer. He had already been executed for another murder in 1999. Freeman died in 1981.

The Sexual Assault and Murder of April Marie Tinsley – John D. Miller has been arrested and has confessed to the murder. Tinsley died in 1988. She was 8.

The Murder of Holly Cassano – Michael Henslick has been arrested for the murder. Cassano died in 2009.

The Sexual Assault and Murder of Deborah Dalzell – Luke Fleming has been arrested for the assault and murder. Dazell died in 1999.

Multiple Sexual Assault cases – Moore has made connections through DNA that has lead to the arrest of multiple people linked to sexual assaults. These have included:

  • Spencer Glen Monnett for the sexual assault of a 79 year old woman.
  • Darold Wayne Bowden for a chain of rapes between 2006 and 2008.
  • Marlon Michael Alexander for a chain of rapes between 2007 and 2011.

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