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Ancient DNA

Ancient DNA (aDNA) is the DNA of anyone who has been dead for more than 50 years. The name sounds like it should only include really old samples or pre-historic people. However, the methods used to get ancient DNA results apply to most people who have been dead for more than a few years. Some of these methods are also used for forensic DNA work. Ancient DNA comes from the bones or teeth of the person tested. It might also come from frozen remains and mummified tissues.

There are two challenges for ancient DNA. The first is contamination. This could come from anyone who has ever handled the bone or tooth used. The second is that DNA breaks down over time. Some believe that with current methods the oldest usable DNA is between half a million and one and a half million years old.

Individual Tested Ancient DNA Samples

Anzick Child (Anzick-1) | mtDNA: D4h3a | Y-DNA: Q-FGC47595
Birger Magnusson | mtDNA: Unknown | Y-DNA: I-M253
Cheddar Man | mtDNA: U5a | Y-DNA: Unknown
Gaodang-king Korguz | mtDNA: D4m2 | Y-DNA: Q-M242
Kennewick man | mtDNA: X2a | Y-DNA: Q-M3
Markina Gora skeleton | mtDNA: U2 | Y-DNA: Unknown
Mummy Juanita | mtDNA: A | Y-DNA: Female Sample
Nicholas II of Russia | mtDNA: T | Y-DNA: R1b
Oseberg ship remains | mtDNA: U7 | Y-DNA: Female Sample
Ramesses III | mtDNA: Unknown | Y-DNA: E-M2
Richard III of England | mtDNA: J1c2c | Y-DNA: G-P287
Shuká Káa (On Your Knees Cave) | mtDNA: D | Y-DNA: Q-M3
Sweyn II of Denmark | mtDNA: H | Y-DNA: Unknown
Young Man of Byrsa | mtDNA: U5b2c1 | Y-DNA: Unknown
Ötzi the Iceman | mtDNA: K1* | Y-DNA: G-M201

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